Victor Osimhen angry at SSC Napoli after TikTok video

Star striker Victor Osimhen wants to take revenge for his own club’s Internet ridicule and is considering legal action against SSC Napoli. This was announced by Osimhen’s advisor Roberto Calenda. The Italian football champion had previously mocked his attacker Osimhen online with a video that showed him missing a penalty in the 0-0 draw against Bologna FC last Sunday.

On the TikTok post in question, Osimhen can be seen calling for a penalty – accompanied by a beeping voice assigned to him (“Please give me a penalty!”). When he actually receives it, the beeping Osimhen politely thanks him and laughs hysterically , before the real striker shoots the ball past the goal.

“Severe damage”

Because of the distorted and high-pitched voice, many users saw the Tiktok video as mocking the Nigerian. The clip spread rapidly on social media. SSC Napoli later deleted the video. Osimhen’s adviser called the post “unacceptable.” “Severe damage” would be inflicted on the attacker. In order to protect him, he reserved the right to go to justice, he added.

With 26 goals last season, Osimhen played a significant role in the SSC’s first championship since 1990. In the summer he was linked with a transfer to the Premier League, but the 24-year-old is currently in negotiations with Napoli about a contract extension beyond the 2025 season.

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He has scored three times in five league games this season, but has also missed some good opportunities. Photos of him wearing the blue Napoli jersey were no longer visible on Osimhen’s Instagram account on Wednesday. Naples is currently in seventh place and is seven points behind leaders Inter Milan.


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