Two GPs, Two Cities: A Unified Approach to the Future of Formula 1 in Italy

Two GPs, two cities with their regions, but a single country. This is the solution for the future of Formula 1 in Italy according to the mayor of Imola, Marco Panieri. Not a competition between bell towers and territories, but a great national project that plays its two best cards. So Monza and Imola can coexist in the Formula 1 calendar and for mayor Panieri it’s not just a wish, but the work to make it happen has already begun. “The challenge is to continue what we already have, with the experience of two important Grands Prix – explains Panieri, a guest at the racetrack of the Municipality of Monza in these days – Today the dimension of the two Grands Prix is ​​no longer that of the individual cities or territories but it is the size of the whole country. Everyone must take up the challenge and the local administrators have already taken it up. For example, we have entrusted a company, the Gfc, with the analysis of the repercussions of a Grand Prix and we are talking about a induced by 270 million. So what is important is to play as a team, to work together to ensure visibility for the country”.

At Imola, team play began with the Region giving 5 million, the territory contributing 2 million and the Made in Italy ministry involved: “We saw Hungary confirming Formula One for many years on two conditions: on the one hand the renewal of the facilities, which is needed both at Imola and at Monza, on the other the general renewal that goes from understanding that supporting a Grand Prix means supporting the country, its visibility.The government now has a very important choice: he must decide whether to accompany a large team project where not a single reality wins but the whole country wins”.



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