Top Favorites for the NBA 2023-2024 Championship According to Betting Houses

The first title in the history of the Denver Nuggets and in the career of Nikola Jokic is already a thing of the past in the NBA.

A new season is approaching and the 30 franchises will participate in it, although several with much more probability of being champions than others who do not set it as a goal.

Who are the top favorites for the NBA 2023-2024 according to betting houses? The last champion appears at the front of the pack, but other contenders from the Western and Eastern Conferences will try to dethrone him and have a good chance.

Who will be the 2023-2024 NBA champion? Bets and favorites

After several years as protagonists of the Playoffs with Nikola Jokic as leader, finally Denver Nuggets was crowned in the 2022-2023 season. Now those from Colorado maintain their main core, with the Serbian and Jamal Murray rested after choosing not to participate in the World Cup, Aaron Gordon, Michael Porter Jr. and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. They have two losses from the second unit: Bruce Brown and Jeff Green, but they can overcome it.

They are the top favorites with a odds of 5.40 to 1 (+440), while paying 3.50 (+250) who reach the League Finals, 4.30 to 1 (+330) who are the biggest winners of the Regular Phase and 2.50 to 1 (+150) who finish in first place in the Western Conference in the Regular Phase.

As the main challenger he is designated Boston Celtics, with the brilliant incorporation of Kristaps Porzingis to play alongside Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Malcolm Brogdon and Al Horford, although also with the loss of the heart of the team and its ace on defense, Marcus Smart. The Celtics pay 2.50 to 1 (+150) because they are the leaders of the East in the Regular Phase, 4.30 to 1 (+330) because they are the most winners in the entire NBA in the Regular Phase, 3.20 to 1 (+220) because they are finalists of the league and 5.65 to 1 (+465) who win their first title since 2008.

In a second line of the West and the East are respectively Phoenix Suns and Milwaukee Bucks: the former have a champion quota of 7.15 to 1 (+615) and a finalist quota of 4.45 to 1 (+345) and the Bucks pay 7.45 to 1 (+645) to champions and 3.80 to 1 (+280) to finalists .

Phoenix He traded Chris Paul for Bradley Beal and Deandre Ayton for Jusuf Nurkic and Grayson Allen, hired Frank Vogel as the new coach and once again trusts Kevin Durant and Devin Booker to go in search of his first title, while the Bucks They got Damian Lillard (he arrived for Jrue Holiday and Grayson Allen) to accompany Giannis Antetokounmpo and they are going with a rookie coach like Adrian Griffin.

Miami Heat, the last runner-up in the league, finishes the top 5: in the last Playoffs they eliminated Boston and Milwaukee with a stellar Jimmy Butler but now they once again start behind them on the list of favorites, with a quota of 10 to 1 (+ 900). That Miami is a finalist as in two of the last four seasons pays much less: 5.30 to 1 (+430).

The odds of LeBron James and Stephen Curry’s teams are very similar: the title of Los Angeles Lakers pays 12.60 to 1 (+1160) and the Golden State Warriors trading at 12.70 to 1 (+1170). The addition of Chris Paul by the Warriors did not move the ammeter much.

Even further back are the Philadelphia 76ers of Joel Embiid and James Harden (with Nick Nurse as the new coach and doubts about Harden’s continuity), who pay 15.80 to 1 (+1480) to champions, and the LA Clippers of Kawhi Leonard, Russell Westbrook and Paul George whose odds are 17.20 to 1 (+1620).

Luka Doncic’s Dallas Mavericks? They complete the top ten of favorites, with a odds of 20.30 to 1 (+1930) for champions and 12.70 to 1 (+1170) for finalists.

Odds for NBA champion 2023-2024

Equipo Cuota (Momio) Denver Nuggets 5.40 (+440) Boston Celtics 5.65 (+465) Phoenix Suns 7.15 (+615) Milwaukee Bucks 7.45 (+645) Miami Heat 10.00 (+900) Los Angeles Lakers 12.60 (+1160) Golden State Warriors 12.70 (+1170) Philadelphia 76ers 15.80 (+1480) LA Clippers 17.20 (+1620) Dallas Mavericks 20.30 (+1930) Memphis Grizzlies 26.00 (+2500) Cleveland Cavaliers 26.80 (+2580) New Orleans Pelicans 43.00 (+4200) Sacramento Kings 44.00 (+4300) New York Knicks 45.00 (+4400)
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