“They are committing fraud”

‘Four a day’ has interviewed live to Eunate Martineza 24-year-old girl who has been taken to lawsuit by his landlords for refusing to pay the increase rent, 30 euros (10%), which was imposed in Madrid.

I feel deceived. The landlords of the house where I live wanted to raise the price of my rent and I refused and went to court. They are judging me when in reality they are judging me.They should be judging them for frauding the law”, assured Eunate.

“Like many others, what they are doing is making temporary contracts in rooms so they can bypass the Urban Leases Law and the Housing Law…and that leaves us tenants totally unprotected,” explains the young woman.

“I am registered here, all the letters arrive here… I live my entire life here, in fact, this is my habitual residence,” Eunate Martínez defends herself in ‘Four a Day’.


2023-09-26 17:22:54
#committing #fraud


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