The Ongoing Controversy Surrounding Messi and PSG

The Messi-PSG relationship continues to be talked about months after his departure. The Argentine threw the last dart at the Parisian club a few days ago when he complained that he had been “the only player who did not have recognition, apart from my other 25 players.

A few days later, Al Khelaifi wanted to respond to the Argentine in statements to French media before the classic that will face him tonight against Olympique de Marseille. “There is a lot of talking outside, I don’t know what he did or what he didn’t say. As everyone saw, we even published a video, we congratulated Messi in training, and also in private, but With respect, we are a French club.”the president declared bluntly.

The top leader explained that they could not have a big party for respect “to the country he defeated, to his French teammates on the team and to our fans”, he commented. “It was delicate to have the party in the stadium.”

“The problems with Mbappé stay in the family”

The top leader also spoke about the current relationship with Mbappé after such a hectic summer in which the player was separated from the group without traveling to the preseason tour of Japan. “The problems we have had remain in the family and Kylian is part of the family. “I’m proud of what he’s doing and what the whole team is doing,” commented the Qatari.

Furthermore, he asked for the Ballon d’Or for the young Parisian whom he classified as “The best player in the world“. Evidence that makes it clear that the rapprochement of positions that was talked about at the end of summer is increasingly evident.

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