The Move of Oakland Athletics: A Sad Story of Money and Tradition

The Move of Oakland Athletics: A Sad Story of Money and Tradition

Imagine HSV moving to Munich. A new stadium is being built there, and henceforth the Hamburg sports club is called the Munich Kickeria. Sounds absurd? Not in the land of unlimited opportunities. In the United States, this is currently not happening in football, which is considered a waste of time for the effeminate.

But the baseball team of the proud underdogs Oakland Athletics will soon move to Las Vegas, where a stadium worth hundreds of millions has already been approved.

Why? Because the billionaire club owner wants it that way. Rooted in the region? spat on it. The tradition? In Las Vegas, fun-filled tourists with pockets full of dollars just start a new one. The fans? Let them watch football!

No football or basketball in Oakland

But oops… Unfortunately, the footballers of the former Oakland Raiders have been getting their concussions in Las Vegas for years. Basketball doesn’t work either because the Golden State Warriors have been winning for Oakland’s neighbor San Francisco since 2019.

“It’s sad,” said our Uber driver, Abdul, as he recently took us to the venerable Athletics Stadium, where fans these days protest unsuccessfully while numbing their pride with giant hot dogs and tequila.

Incidentally, the Athletics became internationally known through the movie “Moneyball”, which uses a true story to show that money is not everything in sport. I’ll say it with Abdul: “It’s really really sad.”

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