The Extremadura Field Championship: A Growing Trend in Archery

The Extremadura Field Championship closed the archery seasonASSIGNED

With the organization of the Arqueros Halcón Blanco club, the La Serrezuela municipal farm, in Don Benito, was the scene of the Extremadura camo championship, a type of archery that has more and more practitioners. It is carried out in two circuits with targets at known distances, but also unknown ones, which adds complexity. The routes are carried out in the countryside with the difficulty that the terrain itself entails such as unevenness, irregularities, elevations…

They attended the test over 40 archers, with a large representation of most regional clubs: AD Moraleja, Club San Jorge, Arqueros Halcón Blanco, Sansonia, Tiro con Arco Villar del Rey, Santa Eulalia, Song of Archery, Arkeros de la Vera, Rucones, Ibn Marwan, ACN Navalmoral and CTA La Grulla

The respective gold, silver and bronze medals by modalities corresponded to Emilio Gonzalez, Juan Antonio Perez and Basilio Jesus Dominguez (mixed traditional); Roberto Rodriguez, Tom Aguado and Laura Rubio (mixed composite); Raul Calvo Rodriguez, Santiago Maldonado and Francisco Javier Rodriguez (men’s recurve) and Manuel Jesus Gonzalez, Juan Alberto Rubio and Jesus Barrajon (longbow).

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