Tecnópolis: Latin America’s Largest Mega-Exhibition for Art, Science, and Technology Welcomes School Visits and Social Organizations

technopolis, The largest mega-exhibition of art, science and technology in Latin America receives schools, groups and social organizations with proposals and interactive spaces prepared so that students from different schools in the country can share with their peers all the experiences that Tecnópolis offers to enjoy and learn about art, science, technology, history and sports.

The Park will be open on Thursdays and Fridays between September 7 and October 20, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., exclusively for school visits. Student and organization tours They are free and require prior registration via email. a [email protected]. Schools and groups will be able to take themed tours through a selection of interactive spaces with tours designed for different educational levels.

You can also enjoy shows and shows in the circus tent and the Science Ship.
Tecnópolis has hydration points, hot water, accessible bathrooms and a Relaxed Space with reduced stimuli. The Park does not provide transportation or snacks to groups. The entry of food is allowed and there are green spaces for picnics.


Land of Dinos, Bugs, Identities, Imagination, Factory, PIBS, Science in Motion, Argentina in Space (CONAE) and Tecnoteca | Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Nation.
Polo Sports and Urban Expressions: Chess, 3×3 Basketball, Parkour, Raunet, Skatepark, Skating Rink, Palaestra, Football Tennis, Badminton, Tennis, Archery, Beach Volleyball | Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Nation.
Heaven on the sidewalk. Maria Elena Walsh, Arrorro | technopolis
Literary camp | Secretariat of Cultural Management
Animate Mocap | Ministry of Media and Public Communication
Unions: struggles and conquests after 40 years of democracy | Inter-union Culture Radar + Tecnópolis


Every year, Tecnópolis chooses a motto that conceptually crosses the experience and all the proposals that visitors can enjoy in its more than 50 hectares. In keeping with the celebration of 40 years of uninterrupted democracy in Argentina, this year we chose to experience The Power of the Collective, with the conviction that when we Argentines meet we can build the country we dream of.

It is a slogan that invites us to prioritize the collective over individualism and to seek in our differences a power to transform our homeland and our land. The 12th edition of Tecnópolis is an opportunity to think of ourselves as Argentines, honor our history and build memory. To recover the popular epics and the collective struggles that expanded rights and built our democracy.

It is also proposed as a space to promote citizen participation, solidarity, commitment to our reality and value the importance of a present and active State, seeking to reflect on the current challenges we face as a society to consolidate this democracy with more equality and justice. social.

40 years after the end of the last civil-military dictatorship, we seek to continue transmitting to the new generations the value of democracy through education as a motor for social inclusion and development in Argentina.

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