Suffered first victory for Ezkurdia and Rezusta at the San Mateo fair

Saturday, September 16, 2023, 00:52


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They arrived at the port with the right forces and after seeing the wolf’s ears, but Ezkurdia and Rezusta took a step forward this Friday at the start of the San Mateo fair. Their victory against Jaka and Albisu gives them some air ahead of the second match in which they will play for a place in the final. They had to suffer a lot to carry out a clash that they had dominated, and that Lizartza’s forward managed to turn it around through aggression and risk. And when he had done the most complicated thing, a couple of errors by his defender, very unstable throughout the entire contest, ruined everything.

Those from Aspe saw how a task that they had controlled in the first half without excessive problems became complicated. Rezusta commanded in his field and, although the blues presented resistance, especially Jaka, his mistakes caused the reds to acquire a six-point advantage that they maintained until the halfway point. Although Ezkurdia was not very good in the shot, the security and skill of his teammate was key for him to have more openings.

Blues reaction

But those from Baiko did not throw in the towel. With Albisu on a roller coaster, it was his striker who set the pace and managed to get into trouble. His first attempt allowed them to get close to three points (13-10), which forced the Colorados to request a break, but Arbizu’s man found the blow in the cut to do damage and distance himself again. With 18-11 they faced the last part of the match, but Jaka’s recital was great in this phase and made the match have the emotion that it had been missing.

With a streak of six goals, of which they finished five, the blues were hooked on the match (18-17). By insisting they managed to tie it at twenty. But for Albisu the end was difficult and they couldn’t go on from there. In the match that opened the festival, Artola and Iztueta defeated Elezkano II and Tolosa (15-22).

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