Spanish soccer team | Rubiales’ ‘ghost’ looms but does not disturb Spain’s training

The meteorological situation as a metaphor for what was experienced on the first day of the selection after the crisis of the Rubiales case. A changing situation, with alerts, announcement of a storm, calm and, to top it off, a lightning bolt from Rubiales. The sequence began with the arrival of the players at Las Rozas. He followed up with a staff meeting. The most important chapter was the announcement of a statement rejecting “the unacceptable behaviors on the part of Mr. Rubiales“. Although without mentioning Jenni Hermoso.

The players of the National Team reject the “unacceptable behavior” of Rubiales

Later, happiness among those attending the training open to the public. And, finally, the response of the aforementioned with a video on Twitter about the influence of the group on individual opinion to criticize the positioning of the players. The summary of an extra-sports game that Pedro Rocha’s RFEF wants to win with the strength of the collective against the ghost of the executive suspended by FIFA. He was not in the concentration, although his ghost, which haunts the steps of the selection.

Extraordinary statement just before training

In the middle, a Luis de la Fuente who hugged the footballers, dedicating their due time to each one. Dedication, above all, with the novelties on his list, such as the young Lamine Yamal, who like Abel Ruiz and Álex Baena They faced their first crisis with the absolute without even jumping on the field. In view of what happened with the times and the reactions of the different actors related to the Rubiales case, like own From the source o Wildon ‘holidays’ before an imminent decision on their future, the captains wanted to take a step forward as soon as they put on the team’s kit.

Moment of the training of the Spanish team in Las Rozas (Madrid). RFEF

What they did not do before. At least none of the Nations League champions, although footballers like Jesús Navas did participate in the collective actions of their teams, their shield before public opinion. At about 6:30 p.m., the Federation launched an extraordinary appearance of the captains of the national team.

MorataAzpilicueta, Rodri Hernandez and Asensio They stood before the media in a reading of a statement for which there were no questions. Note measured to the millimeter to agree to the 23 summoned. This need for extreme consensus is what pushed Morata’s intervention to the limit, the one in charge of giving his colleagues a voice. De la Fuente did not intervene in the process and it was the captains who, due to their condition, assumed leadership of the content, where the name of Jenni Hermoso does not appear.

“Unacceptable behavior of Mr. Rubiales”

Thus, just a few minutes before jumping onto the grass of Ciudad del Fútbol Las Rozas, “everyone’s team”, terminology recovered by the RFEF to report the start of this international window, conveyed his “pride and sincere congratulations” to his teammates on the women’s team for the World Cup won in Sydney. “A historical milestone loaded with meaning that will mark a before and after in Spanish women’s footballinspiring many women with a triumph of incalculable value”, remarked Morata.

First, the merit, made invisible by the forced kiss of Jenni Hermoso, its consequences, and the attitude of a Rubiales denounced in the following points of the statement. “We want to reject what we consider as unacceptable behavior on the part of Mr. Rubiales, which has not lived up to the institution it represents. We stand firmly on the side of the values ​​that sport represents,” Morata continued.

“Spanish football must be an engine of respect, inspiration, equality and diversity. It must set an example with its behavior both on and off the field,” added the Atlético de Madrid striker, spokesman for a letter that asked, without the right to reply, that the national team once again be the object of ode or criticism for what happens on the pitch. A place that will be played in the next two matches (Friday, September 8 against Georgia in Tbilisi at 6:00 p.m. and Tuesday, September 12 at 8:45 p.m. against Cyprus in Grenada) part of their qualification for the Eurocup.

b317971d 1965 4c7f bd25 Luis de la Fuente, Spanish coach, signs an autograph after the training session.16 9 aspect ratio default 0 RFEF

Gavi, Olmo and Unai Simón, absent

Despite the intention of the players, the statement will not shelve a situation that the fans present in Las Rozas at the open-door training session left aside. The fans came after the public commitment of Luis de la Fuente to give a sense of normality in a committed press conference. At the entrance to Ciudad del Fútbol, ​​security searched the fans in detail. Without communicating it, the objective was to avoid any incident or demonstration in a crowded stands.

Time and controversy gave breath. The sun shone, to the enjoyment of the spectators, mostly children with parents, or vice versa, taking advantage of the last throes of the school holidays. Joselu, Nico Williams or Lamine Yamal were some of the most demanded players in a session in which he did not participate Gaviwith staples in the ear as a result of the match against Osasuna. unai simon did gym work with Dani Olmo.

Rubiales criticizes the opinion of the players

Light training exercises ended early Asensio, Pau Torres, Abel Ruiz, Balde, in addition to the aforementioned Yamal and Nico Williams. This Tuesday they will return to work. Then César Azpilicueta will appear, one of those who returns after the World Cup in Qatar. With the session finished and the communiqué digested, Luis Rubiales appeared on the scene through his Twitter account created for his defenseto. The reply was a link to a YouTube video from the ‘Merlí’ series, which has philosophy as its central axis.

Moment of the first training session of the Spanish team after the crisis of the Rubiales case. RFEF

In the fragment released by the suspended executive, a teacher and her students discuss the color of a folder. “If a student is late for class, as is often the case, I will ask you about the color of the folder and you will tell me that it is red -actually it is green-“, argues the teacher. The prediction is fulfilled and a schoolboy enters after hours. The newcomer, seeing that the rest of his classmates say they see the folder a different color than it is, ends up saying “red”. A critique of the influence of the group on the individual opinion of a rubiales more and more alone

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