Schalke Goalkeeper Drama: Ralf Fährmann Kicked Out of Squad

Now the dispute over goalkeeper Ralf Fährmann (34) escalates at Schalke!

According to SPORT BILD information, coach Thomas Reis (49) kicked the keeper out of the squad for the game on Saturday at Wehen Wiesbaden (1 p.m., Sky). On Friday, the coach informed the team about which squad he will start the trip with – Fährmann was not there.

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Source: BILD, Twitter 08/31/2023

It is the next level of escalation in Schalke’s goalkeeper noise. What happened?

Fährmann’s advisor Stefan Backs complained about the current situation at S04 via SPORT BILD on Wednesday. He said: “The club have made the mistake of changing goalkeepers on several occasions, including two years ago when Martin Fraisl played. And I believe that Ralf showed in the past first division season that he is much better. Ralf was recently one of the best goalkeepers in the Bundesliga. It is unacceptable and incomprehensible that a change is now being made again – without also communicating it clearly with Ralf. This is how a Schalke legend is destroyed.”

Since the start of the season, Fährmann has only been number two in the Schalke goal after he had to sit out the first two games due to injury and his representative Marius Müller (30) was so convincing that Reis didn’t want to take him out again.

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In turn, Müller’s advisor did not want to leave Backs’ statements uncommented. Dirk Pietroschinsky spoke up a few hours after SPORT BILD was published – and rumbled: “Ultimately, a consultant is trying to create unrest in the club through public pressure in order to put his interests above those of the club. A more than questionable course of action.”

The topic was continued on Thursday – at the press conference with Thomas Reis. The coach then said: “I don’t know this person and I haven’t even spoken to Mr. Backs. It is a great pity that it was carried out in the media, one could have chosen other paths. A situation like that doesn’t produce winners.”

Now the situation is escalating. Ferryman has to watch the game on TV. The next chapter in Schalke’s goalkeeping chaos seems only a matter of time.

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