Scarlets Dominate First Half, Secure 2-0 Lead at Home

Summary of the first half

Coach Lucas González had announced a very different match from those experienced in the round of 16 of the BetPlay Cup. And this was seen in the first 45 minutes at Pascual. With more work accumulated, the Scarlets were superior to the rival with a good collective game and high performance points, in addition to effectiveness because Cristian Barrios’ first goal arrived very soon.

Although he tried to hurt with his quick exits, especially with Óscar Perea, Nacional was not comfortable and was affected by losing Andrés Román due to injury because he had to improvise with Juan José Arias in that position. Furthermore, he was not the effective team in other games. Jéfferson Duque lost a clear option that would have represented a tie. Dorlan Pabón was not good in the middle distance either.

Towards the end, when the game was ending, the Devils had another brilliant moment to culminate it with Barrios’ second goal to go calmly into the break with the partial 2-0 at home.

2023-09-24 02:59:20
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