Sarri must shake things up. Garcia is dismantling Napoli. Lukaku? ’80s striker”

On Saturday afternoon Paolo Di Canio, Sky commentator and best commentator in the Premier League by distance, experienced one of the strongest emotions of his life. In the center of the pitch, a few moments before the start of West Ham-City, he sang his former team’s anthem “I’m forever blowing bubbles” with the old fans. «An incredible thing, only in England can you experience such an intense culture of the past. In the Premier League, yes, there is a passage from father to son: you don’t know how many children wore my shirt without even having seen me once on the pitch. Ours is a strong bond: after 20 years they welcome me like a king because the tradition is strong and intense.”

Even the Lazio players would fill the Olimpico for her.
«I don’t know, I hope so, not being on social media I can’t have the right sensations. My love for Lazio is undisputed, that’s for sure.”

The Biancocelesti will open the Champions League against a giant like Simeone.
«Tough but open challenge. If Lazio did all sorts of things in Turin, Atletico Madrid perhaps did worse in Valencia. There are experienced players, such as Azpilicueta, Morata, Griezmann and Savic, but appearing with Witsel central could be fatal for Cholo. Too slow, he exposes himself to crashes.”

But the Biancocelesti are in crisis
«Unfortunately, all the defects that only Sarri’s skill had covered with his work emerged. Mau managed to get one hundred and twenty percent from a team that was worth much less and also without champions. If Inter lose twelve games, and will never happen again, and Juve is in complete chaos, it is logical that Lazio could finish second. It’s unlikely that it will happen again.”

Why, Di Canio?
«Because from an emotional point of view he has completely given up, his mind is no longer there and it was also seen in Turin. He conceded unacceptable goals even in an amateur championship. Wrong postures, lack of connection between departments, embarrassing technical errors.”

The defense doesn’t work.
«Casale and Romagnoli have changed, they no longer attack the man, they let themselves be anticipated because they are soft compared to last season. But then Luis Alberto stops to protest while McKennie plays: you can’t do that in Serie A. Either the attitude changes or Lazio sinks.”

Sarri will take care of it.
«He is a great football teacher but certainly not a motivator. He must not speak after but before, he must shake up the group and make the players understand that Milinkovic’s absence is not an alibi.”

Kamada has different characteristics.
«He has running and speed but has no competitive malice, just like the whole team. Even the goals conceded in Lecce are unjustifiable. If you settle down, I say this for all of Lazio, you return to the positions you are worth, certainly not in second place.”

And Immobile scores less.
«A problem underestimated by the club and by Sarri himself, for whom the ideal center forward is Felipe. Ciro scored 30 goals a season when he looked at the goal and attacked the space in the 3-5-2. Forced to play from behind, like in the national team, he disappears from the field. His form and age don’t help him.”

Castellanos arrived as an alternative.
«A young man who played a few games in La Liga. The club had to buy a ready center forward, also to invest in the future. Busy in the championship and the Champions League, Sarri needed something else.”

Determination is needed: here is Guendouzi.
«A phenomenon at Arsenal, on his debut, but if you expect a Gattuso then you will be disappointed. He has a personality but foaming at the mouth is something else.”

He sees it as black, in short: without mercy.
«The attitudes of some players in Turin can be had in the bar, not on the pitch. We need a shock, the Champions League doesn’t forgive if you walk and hope that the others make mistakes.”

Inter will start again from the final in Istanbul.
«In a single match Inzaghi played really well. But if there had been a home and away round I’m sure City would have won by a total difference of 4 or 5 goals.”

Guardiola favorite then.
«Obviously, he is the strongest and continues to buy: Gvardiol, among others. And he can wait for De Bruyne. I don’t see anything else on the horizon.”

Psg, Bayern, Real
«PSG didn’t even emerge with Messi and Neymar, in addition to Mbappé, let alone now that only the Frenchman remained. Luis Enrique is not the right coach: he is obsessed with ball possession and that culture doesn’t exist in France. He’s already in trouble. Real Madrid no longer have Benzema but with Bellingham they will get to the bottom. Bayern, despite Kane, are a bit lost.”

Let’s go back to Inter: final objective.
«He has to find a streak like last year in the draw: Porto, Benfica and Milan, but when will it happen again? For years he has had the best squad in Italy, now he has to win the scudetto. That final could have given a decisive boost to the group’s mentality.”

But he no longer has Lukaku.
«A center forward from the 80s, predisposed to playing only from the back. Thuram is fast, kicks right and left, makes effective passes. He doesn’t have Dzeko’s imagination, but in our championship he makes the difference. In the Bundesliga he finished sixth, like many that Milan took from the Premier League.”

Please explain better, excuse us.
«Pioli has bought some good players but certainly not phenomena. Loftus-Cheek didn’t make a difference in England for nine years, on the contrary. He’s soft, like Pulisic. They no longer played for Chelsea, in our league they are stars. Like McKennie, who is certainly not a phenomenon. In Italy it doesn’t take much to exalt someone. The Champions League is tough, which is why I say you need character. You can’t watch Milan in the derby: for me they should have also lost the 2-1 win that won the Scudetto. A victory for the stars, certainly not for the aces. If Giroud is a starter at 37, something isn’t working. And Tomori, who was the fifth choice at Chelsea, took the place away from Romagnoli, the captain.”

We are left with Napoli, which starts from Braga.
«A special team that Garcia is rapidly dismantling. Of course he couldn’t mimic Spalletti’s game but he couldn’t break certain balances either. In Frosinone he attacked Osimhen after a brace because he hadn’t returned to midfield. The other day he infuriated Kvara. On the communication front, the French coach isn’t the best. And then what a mistake Juan Jesus was.”

That had, then the young Nathan.
«The mistake, in fact, lies with the club which had done nothing wrong regarding scouting. Kim goes away and you can’t bet on the young Brazilian or on someone who has been sent away by everyone. The money was there: it had to be invested. And like Lazio, Napoli also faded away. And in top-level football, whoever stops is lost.”


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