Sainz: “Under pressure I won the race, which is what I had to do”

The smile with which Carlos Sainz spoke to David Coulthard after achieving his second victory in Formula 1 was eloquent enough. The Spanish Ferrri driver, who had a very difficult start to 2023, could not be happier with how things have changed.

«It’s an incredible feeling and an incredible weekend. Thank you to everyone at Ferrari because you have made a huge effort to turn around the tumultuous start to the season. We have done everything we had to do in the race and we leave with a victory that all of Ferrari and all of Italy will be proud of,” he highlighted.

Calmer later, he was surprisingly calm even when analyzing those last laps in which the Mercedes made it difficult for him to win. «With tension, but a little more relaxed, because I knew that I had things quite under control until the moment of the last virtual (safety car), when the Mercedes stopped to put on medium tires and everything was under control… We had to change plans and strategy. He wanted to say that we were going to reach the end of the race by a miracle and under pressure. We had to play with Lando (Norris) with the DRS, with the wheels… and win the race, which is what he was supposed to do,” the man from Madrid summarized, without removing his smile.

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It was his second weekend with a prize, after third place in the Italian GP. «It is an important moment for me on a personal level. I have had two opportunities to get on the podium, in Monza, and to get a victory here, and we took advantage of them both. It means that under pressure and when those opportunities arrive, we are executing things well. Not only me, but also the team. That’s progress from last year and the beginning of this year, and I’m also proud of that. Seeing that we are progressing in that sense and that under pressure and with the opportunity to win we have achieved it,” insisted Sainz, exultant and also giving value to the team’s control.

Alonso and his “career to forget”

In the case of Fernando Alonso, his notable anger after finishing last in Singapore makes clear his disappointment with Aston Martin this weekend. Alonso is one of those athletes who finds it difficult to put on a poker face when things don’t go well. In Singapore this was the case. His indignation after finishing last in a race in which he aspired to everything made him go out and talk to the media wanting to run away, to the point that he resolved his commitment to the Spanish-speaking media with one sentence.

«Race to forget. We didn’t have any rhythm today. A complicated race from the beginning, and we’ll see in Japan,” he concluded. There were no clearer words than his haste, and he didn’t say anything about those radio complaints about the car either, when he pointed out that it was “undriveable.” He also did not draw blood about his team’s failure in the pits, or his own that cost him a penalty and then a last final position that, apparently, he did not like at all.

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