Roma-Empoli, with Lukaku and Dybala the dream couple makes their debut. Olympic sold out

ROME It was the couple that Marotta dreamed of for Inter last year. Today Mourinho is enjoying it. The nine and the ten, the giant and the child, the tank and the genius, the strength and the class, the goal and the assist. In short words: Lukaku e Dybala. 8.45pm, Olimpico theatre: Roma’s (run-up) championship begins. Because if it is true that the tournament has reached the fourth day and the delay from the Champions League zone is already significant, there are no excuses. With those two up front, nothing is impossible. It is clear that we will need a better Roma in maneuvering than the one seen in the first outings of the season, more attentive on a defensive level, less frenetic in their choices, more cynical in front of goal. But having Romelu and Paulo together is like starting from 1-0 (almost) every two games. Two hundred and eighty goals for the Belgian (in 590 matches), 170 for the Argentine (in 465): the career total is 450 in 1055 matches with club teams. The average is 0.42. In a championship like Serie A, impoverished by the raids of the Premier League and now also of the Arab sheikhs, Lukaku and Dybala are a luxury. To be enjoyed and exploited. Pinto came out in an unsuspecting time, speaking of “corporate ambition” referring to the Champions League.


So even Mou, often reluctant to make predictions, was unable to hide yesterday. Why not set a goal but say “I’m happy with whoever arrived, when we are all in full shape we are a really strong team” is equivalent to throwing away the mask. Roma is there and owes it above all to those two. It will be up to them to change the inertia of the matches, give confidence to their teammates and score more points at the Special. On the pitch the glories of the Lautaro-Lukaku tandem could revive. From Lula to Lupa (Lukaku and Paulo) the step – at least in the imagination of Giallorossi fans – is short. Technically and tactically.

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Already from this evening Roma is ready to change its skin. It will be especially on the right side, where Lukaku tends to spread out more, that the feeling with Dybala should become lethal for the opponents. A strong side, which could make use of Spinazzola’s crosses from the left, as long as Leo remembers to return the splendid player who had induced Real Madrid to ask for him before the European Championship won by the Azzurri (and the terrible injury suffered by the side). Among other things, Romelu scores (and Empoli knows something about it: the Belgian was involved in three goals, 2 goals and an assist, in just 104 minutes played against the Tuscans in Serie A, on average one participation every 35 minutes) and scores. For information, ask your career partners. Since he had Mirallas close by in 2013-14, capable of giving himself 8 goals and 9 assists. A crescendo that then saw Martial score 9 goals against United in 2017-18, Rashford reach double figures (10) in 2018-19, emulated by Lautaro Martinez in his first two years at Inter (17 and 14) and in his last year (21 ), even if Big Rom’s real contribution was only seen in the last 7-8 days of the championship. Dybala has never had these problems but anyway, it’s better to have someone like Big Rom close to him than against him. This evening the Olimpico will only have eyes for them. For the dream couple. Born to score and dream.


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