Rafael Nadal’s Prospects for Winning Roland Garros Again in 2024, According to Patrick Mouratoglou

Rafael Nadal’s Prospects for Winning Roland Garros Again in 2024, According to Patrick Mouratoglou

A few days ago Rafa Nadal gave an interview in which he talked about his plans for 2024. The Spaniard wants to be competitive, not win Grand Slams, but for Patrick Mouratoglou, with Nadal you never know. What chances does he have of winning a major like Roland Garros again?

One of the technicians who are very present in the day-to-day life of the men’s and women’s circuit is Patrick Mouratoglou. The former coach of Serena Williams, Simona Halep y Holger Rune He spoke about a topic that worries many and that is how he will return Rafael Nadal to the tour, under what conditions and with what objectives. The reality is that the Spaniard has stayed away from the slopes for a long time, but he is already returning to training with the hope of being competitive in 2024.

And that is what the Spaniard expressed in a recent interview for Movistar: “I would like to play again, I have the hope of playing again and being competitive. The hope is not to return and win Roland Garros or Australia, which People don’t get confused, at the time I am in my life it is very far away; I am not saying impossible, because things in sport change very quickly, but I am not deluded, I am fully aware of the difficulties that I face”.

But for Mouratoglou, the Spaniard will return with all the law because he understands that in his head there is no room for half measures. If he plays, he will play to win. “When it comes to Rafa, I understand that he doesn’t want to feel that pressure and he wants people to think that he will come next year to say goodbye. But that’s not the kind of person he is. He is going to play fully,” he confessed.

For the French coach, like everyone else, what worries him most is the issue of injuries and pain. And, if the 14-time Roland Garros winner exercises in the best way, he will be very dangerous: “he will have enough time to train. Historically he is a player who needs to play a lot. The question is: how injury free will he be in 2024? If he is pain-free and can play next year, there is no reason to think that he will not be the favorite for Roland Garros.”

“He will stop if he is far from having the feeling that he can win a Grand Slam”

“Will he be ready to win the Australian Open? The odds will be low. He wants to see if he is still capable of winning a Grand Slam or if he is far away. If you’re far from feeling like you can win a Grand Slam, you’ll probably stop. I don’t think he’s going to play just to be number 20 in the world, but if he feels like he can still win, I think he’ll continue. Again, unless he has an injury that we ignore.”

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