New York Jets’ Aaron Rodgers: Living a Dream with Super Bowl Aspirations

EFE Sep 1, 2023, 7:00 p.m. ET Reading: 2 min.

The Jets haven’t had a winning season since 2015; debut against AFC East favorites Bills

Aaron Rodgersquarterback of the New York Jetsasserted this Thursday that he lives a beautiful dream with his new team that he trusts will end with the arrival at Super Bowl LVIII.

“Being here has been like waking up inside a dream. A beautiful dream. Sometimes you have a dream, you wake up and think, I want to go back there, but you don’t go back to the dream. I woke up inside that dream and it has been really special because I really think we are a team with a chance to make it to the Super Bowl,” he said. Aaron Rodgers.

The veteran quarterback will play with the Jets in this 2023 his first season outside the Green Bay Packers, team with which he spent 18 years, won a Super Bowl and was named MVP of the season four times for the NFL.

Aaron Rodgers and Jets will start their road to the Super Bowl against the Buffalo Bills.AP

The quarterback is so excited about his new team that sometimes, he said, it feels like the moment he’s living in isn’t real. New York.

“Although I don’t say it out loud, I sit with my teammates in the video room, it took me a second and I think: This is my life, how great it is. It happens to me in the locker room, when I go out on the field in the fresh air and watch the sunset, I’m just saying: What a wonderful day,” he added.

At 39 years old, Aaron Rodgers he thought it would be difficult to maintain such a positive outlook in the latter part of his career.

“I try to keep that perspective every day here, it’s been easy because almost every day something happens that reminds me that I’m in the right place, that I’m where I’m supposed to be and I love that for everything this opportunity gives me. “.

last february Aaron Rodgers he secluded himself in an isolated facility in a nature reserve in a retreat in the dark that lasted three days to decide whether to retire from football, stay with the Packers or change teams; in the end he took the last option and came to the Jets.

The challenge will not be easy. You must lead the coach’s team Robert Saleh to their first season with a winning record since 2015, and even more to break a 26-year drought without winning the AFC East title.

Los Jets will perform in the 2023 season before their fans at MetLife Stadium on September 11 against the Buffalo Billswhich are commanded by the quarterback Josh Allen.

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