Mediocre Performance and Narrow Victory: Bordeaux’s Struggles Against Valenciennes

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David Guion : he changes his organization to 4231 for a 433, and changes 6 players compared to his starting 11 against Amiens. He couldn’t stay without changing anything. He positions Weissbeck on the bench, as well as Pitu, Vipi and Davitashvili. It was the newcomers who broke the deadlock at the end of the match with Pitu’s goal from a pass from Zuriko. On a collective and individual level, Bordeaux’s performance is mediocre. Technical waste is high and the environment suffers compared to that of the opponent. A weakness from Valenciennes, and individuals above on the Bordeaux side allow us to come back with the three points. It’s anything but reassuring.

Rafal Straczek : he can do nothing about the northern goal, because he is let down by Ekomié and Barbet. He makes two saves and perfect exits at the feet.

Jacques Ekomie : he misses his header full axis which brings VA’s goal. His lack of communication with Yoann Barbet was palpable in this action. He managed just one cross in this match, which is more than Malcom Bokele. It was not reassuring.

Yoann Barbet : from the first minutes, he is sucked in, freeing up space for the opponent. He commits a mistake in appreciation and communication with Ekomié on the Valenciennes goal. He competes in duels

Stian Gregersen : his return to the 11 was timid. He also lost his header duel on the opposing sideline which led to the goal. He also misses simple raises. He remains strong in the duel.

Malcolm Collect : sober match for the Cameroonian international. He applied himself technically. However, his centers did not find takers. He held his position in the duel.

Yohan Cassubie : holder in a low point in the middle, he did not manage to find his feet quickly. He missed simple passes, he couldn’t find his way to the space on the pitch. Despite his shortcomings, he brings more mobility than Ignatenko to the same position. It remains weak, because out of 13 duels played, only 3 are won.

Pedro Diaz : the light in the night from the Bordeaux collective. Forward play, shifts, including one at the origin of Badji’s big chance in the second half. It facilitates forward play. Faced with the weakness of his teammates and the opponent, his performance stands out but is not exceptional.

Issouf Sissokho : eaten up by the opposing impact, he played 5 duels on the ground and lost 5. He did not win any duels in this match, and failed to bring quality to the game and the pass. Replaced by Weissbeck in the 78th.

Jérémy Livolant : he has the ball for 2-0 at his feet, well shifted by Badji in the 49th, but his shot is deflected by the goalkeeper. he loses a lot of balls, 17 in total. It is replaced by Alexi Pitu in the 71st. The latter unlocks the match by scoring in the 88th minute.

Albert Ellis : he relies everything on his physical qualities (power and speed), technical quality to hell. This succeeds as he scores the first goal and forces his opponent to retreat. Served in depth sometimes, it keeps the Bordeaux block high. He loses 10 balls, and wins 2 duels. Replaced by Davitashvili in the 71st. The Georgian does the defensive work and relieves his teammates with his replacement, and boosts the offensive game.

Aliou Badji : he showed self-sacrifice in pressing, won 5 duels and served Elis perfectly on Alberth Elis’s opening score. He narrowly missed Bordeaux’s second goal in the second half. Replaced by Vipotnik in the 87th.

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