Medina Art Gallery Castelli Romani: Unveiling the New Headquarters

Published: Sunday, 03 September 2023 – Newsroom

MONTE PORZIO CATONE (current events) – New opening 9 September at 4.30pm – ​​press release

Saturday September 9, 2023 Medina Art Gallery is pleased to present the new headquarters of the Castelli Romani.

In fact, it was born Medina Art Gallery Castelli Romania project managed, directed and curated by Dr Valeria Rufini Ferrantiyoung partner of great value, competence and passion.

New opening 9th September at 4.30pm

The works of the Italian-Brazilian artist are on display to the public Ana Paula Torres which, after a long and careful research, is grappling with a material experimentation in anticipation of a real fusion between painting and sculpture.

The new headquarters of the Castelli Romani is located in Piazza del Mercato 9, in the municipality of Monte Porzio Cato and wants to be a gallery of contemporary art but also an exhibition space and a laboratory of ideas in the beating and fermenting heart of the Castelli Romani. A factory of artists, painters, sculptors, photographers, designers, architects, collectors, enthusiasts and art-lovers in mutual networking with exhibitions, shows, installations, vernissages, temporary shops, showcases, workshops, conferences, readings & talks. A hub with development and growth on web & social platforms, functional to the expansion of the national and international scope, already triggered by Medina Art Gallery Rome. Also through consolidated synergies and partnerships with institutions, embassies, banking, credit and insurance institutions, large companies, museums.

Medina Art Gallery Rome, managed, directed and curated by Palma Costabile, based on the experience gained and built since 2016, verifying, studying and experimenting with new trends and currents in the Contemporary Art sector, today releases new artistic, cultural and curatorial energies as well as management skills.

“ …with its own walls interrupted by majestic portals, its own perfumes and its own labyrinths. Our communities today are on average disinclined to taste the depths, peaks and calls of myths.

We want to update, enhance and accelerate them… And for this reason we refer to the Mediterranean city, Medina as the center of the community’s fervor and focus of the movement, of confrontation, of the Forum, of the Agora.

Protagonist of the material and spiritual life of its inhabitants, in the Medina there is a common oven, a hammam, a school and a grocer who sells mint tea. Because only for a superficial glance, the Medina is a chaotic and apparently without logic agglomeration of streets and alleys”.

The launched adventure continues at the Castelli Romani, to leave a trace of our passage.

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