Lecce Receives Compliments for Success in Serie A

Il Lecce collects compliments from all over Italy: the journalist Stefano villages thus commented the success against Salernitana.

“The surprise of this championship is Lecce, who have beaten Salernitana, have 7 points, a fantastic crowd, the youngest squad, have moved 29 players and have lost values ​​such as Hjulmand and Umtiti. Compliments must be made to maestro Pantaleo Corvino who has explored the world market.

Krstovic scored two goals as a true centre-forward. I add Ramadani, already in control. Raffia fished from Serie C, Kaba already owner… then Banda and Almqvist. Pongracic’s recovery, Gendrey’s growth. Lecce is beautiful. Bravissimo Corvino, good players, good club.

The coach is very good. D’Aversa came from difficult experiences and a moment of pause. He inherited a team with the characteristics of Baroni… but he immediately took charge of this young and new group with various unknowns, presenting it in different forms.

On the first day he beats Lazio with Strefezza as centre-forward. Then Krstovic inserts and leaves Strefezza on the bench. Very good D’Aversa: Lecce have an elastic squad. It produces more than last year, despite Di Francesco’s farewell. It is a team that pulls a lot and proposes itself in different ways.

I really liked it, the season will be long and there will be dull moments. But when a club, a reality like this, operates like this, it must be underlined: congratulations to everyone, owners, management, players and above all to the coach. D’Aversa was immediately ready and full of ideas”.


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