Lawyer Donates Compensation to Cancer Institute Following Football Leaks Case

Lawyer João Medeiros, one of Rui Pinto’s targets in the Football Leaks case, said this Monday that the 15 thousand euros in compensation awarded to him by the court will be donated to the Portuguese Institute of Oncology (IPO).

After the decision of the panel of judges at the Central Criminal Court of Lisbon was announced, which sentenced the creator of Football Leaks to a suspended sentence of four years in prison (in addition to a two-year suspended sentence for co-accused Aníbal Pinto), the lawyer – who saw his email inbox being fully publicized on the Mercado de Benfica blog through the action of Rui Pinto — said that it was not the money that was at stake in the situation he went through.

“The compensation… for what I went through, there is no money at stake. I would like to make it very clear, and this is stated in the compensation request, that any amount I receive will be in favor of the IPO’s pediatric wing and not the my favor. I don’t want any money from this gentleman”, he told journalists.

João Medeiros also said he was not satisfied “with the evil of others”, but recalled that “people have to answer for their actions” and praised the court for having reflected this in the criminal consequences for Rui Pinto’s actions. On the other hand, he explained that he will still have to analyze the ruling and the pardon of some crimes under the amnesty law approved within the scope of World Youth Day.

“Justice? This is very relative. There are some technical issues that I have to discuss with my lawyer, Dr. Tiago Rodrigues Bastos, namely those relating to the fact that the aggravation was removed from some crimes. If that did not happen, the consequence It would have been different, because they wouldn’t have been able to benefit from the amnesty law. We’ll talk in time, it’s not for now”, he summarized.

Rui Pinto was sentenced this Monday to a single sentence of four years in prison, suspended upon execution. The court found the creator of Football Leaks guilty of the crimes of attempted extortion of the Doyen investment fund, of three crimes of aggravated correspondence tampering with lawyers João Medeiros, Rui Costa Pereira and Inês Almeida Costa and five of illegitimate access to Doyen, Sporting , Portuguese Football Federation, PLMJ law firm and the Attorney General’s Office.

2023-09-11 23:44:38
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