LaLiga has lost 1,210 million in market value since the pandemic

If you consult the list of clubs that have invested the most in transfers this summer, you have to go down to 15th position to find the first Spaniard, he Real Madrid and its 129.5 million euros invested in Bellingham, Güler and the return of Fran García. To find the next one, you have to go down to 42nd where, to the surprise of many, Almería appears, weighing 52 kilos. Next up, already in 62nd place, is Atlético de Madrid with 33.7, counting among them the 20 that they agreed with Barça last autumn to guarantee the definitive return of Griezmann.

It is more than evident, no matter how much Javier Tebas and his team place asterisks and highlight the positive commitment of the competition with economic sustainability, that LaLiga has been left behind. The years in which Barça, Madrid or even Atlético frequented the podium of the transfer markets have passed away, especially since the pandemic of the Covid-19 it shook the structures of many Spanish football clubs.

A devaluation of 20%

A piece of data reflects that reality in a forceful way. Since the beginning of the pandemic, March 2020, club templates LaLiga have lost 1,210 million euros of market value, according to the evaluations of the Transfermarkt portal. What does this mean? That if then all the Primera players had an estimated value of 5,890 million euros, now the figure is just 4,680: a 20% devaluation.

If the data divided by clubs are analyzed, it can be seen that the decline, large or small, is widespread. The main exceptions are presented by the teams then they were in the Second Division and now in the First Division (Girona, Almería, Rayo, Cádiz and Las Palmas), which logically now have much more income than in 2020 to assemble their squads.

Apart from those teams only Osasuna (91.8%) and to a lesser extent Mallorca (33.1%) have experienced significant growth at its market value. The other one that has not fallen is Real Sociedad, whose minimal increase (2%, 7.75 million) contrasts with the sporting growth it has had in recent years, qualifying this course for the Champions for the first time in a decade.

Atlético, Valencia and Barça lead the collapse

At the other extreme, three storied clubs have seen the value of their squads plummet. In gross numbers, the palm goes to Atlético de Madrid, whose squad is worth today 428.5 million euros less than three and a half years agoafter confirmation of the departure of Yannick Carrasco heading to Saudi Arabia.

In the case of the colchoneros, the explanation lies partly in the fall in the market value of some players who are still in the squad, such as cloud (from 80 to 35), saul (from 72 to 10), gimenez (from 56 to 35) and Morata (from 36 to 20), as well as the loss of Joao Felix (81 million in 2020).

Yannick Carrasco. EFE

Also impressive is the devaluation of Valencia, which in three and a half years It has gone from a workforce valued at 524.5 million to a current one of 147. While in 2020 he had eight men worth more than 20 million (Ferran, Rodrigo, Parejo, Soler…)today only gay (30) y Mamardashvili (25) exceed that limit. They have gone from fourth to ninth position in the championship ranking.

Barça, with a squad value lower than that of March 2020 at 246 millioncompletes the podium of the most devalued clubs in absolute terms. Messi (112 million then) and Griezmann (96) absorb most of that amount, in a Barça club that has experienced an almost total regeneration of its squad in this three-year period, without reaching the previous levels for the moment.

Real Madrid has also seen its squad value reduced, although in a more modest way: from 1,080 million to 991, a reduction of 89 million (8%). Sevilla, Betis, Athletic, Celta, Getafe and Alavés have experienced losses of over 20%.

Serie A almost reaches LaLiga

All this data set shows a clear setback for LaLiga in the international context. The Spanish championship is the one with the highest joint market value in these three years, both in absolute and collective terms. In a context, yes, in which only the Premier League and, almost anecdotally, Ligue 1 are growing.

If in March 2020 the market value gap with the Premier League was about 3,000 million, now it is close to 6,000. The 10,550 million euros in footballers that the English championship has more than double the 4,700 of the Spanish Primera.

This setback in the championship has also caused LaLiga to be about to lose its status as the second league in the world with the most valuable players. The difference with the A league Italian was 750 million in 2020 and currently it is barely 80, which is equivalent to a technical tie. Bundesliga and Ligue 1 are still clearly behind, but keep in mind that there are only 18 clubs in both championships. If this value is pondered, the conclusion is that the Spanish is barely around 250 million ahead of the German.

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