Juventus Player, Paul Pogba, Suspended After Failing Doping Test – Juventus has issued a statement after the player, Paul Pogba, failed a doping test.

Paul Pogba has been temporarily suspended for failing to pass a doping test with Juventus.

The decision to suspend Pogba was issued by the Italian Anti-Doping Agency, NADO.

Pogba reportedly did not pass the doping test after the first week of the 2023-2024 Italian League between Udinese vs Juventus at the Dacia Arena, 20 August 2023.

“Juventus announces that today, 11 September 2023, Paul Labile Pogba received a temporary suspension from the National Anti-Doping Agency based on the results of a test carried out on 20 August 2023.”

“The club has the right to consider further procedural steps,” read an official statement from Juventus.

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In the match against Udinese, which Juventus won with a score of 3-0, Pogba did not actually take to the field.

The French midfielder was only on the bench from start to finish of the match.

However, Pogba was one of the players randomly selected to take a doping test.

As a result, the test found an increase in testosterone content in Pogba’s blood.

Pogba must also accept a temporary suspension and must wait for the second test which will be carried out in the next three days.

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Sample B will later prove whether the Roissy en Brie academy graduate was truly guilty and used doping.

This proof can take quite a long time. An example of this is Atalanta defender, Jose Luis Palomino, who failed a doping test in July 2022 because he was suspected of using nandrolone.

Just like Pogba, Palomino was also temporarily suspended and had to wait four months.

He was finally declared doping-free in November 2022. The nandrolone content in Palomino’s blood is said to have appeared without any element of intention or pure contamination.

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