Jimmy Butler Outraged as Gasoline Prices Soar: “Filling Up a Bugatti Costs $145”

Nor charge 40 million dollars a year It exempts you from ignoring the impressive increases that many products have suffered in recent years. Rising inflation has affected certain sectors, including the Gasoline, and even the highest-paid NBA players have noticed. Or else tell it to Jimmy Butlerstar of the Miami Heat, which has been the protagonist of one of the most talked about anecdotes in recent hours due to the cost of fuel.

The professional basketball player went this past Tuesday to refill the tank of his car, a Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport, the most exclusive version of this hypercar that is valued at about 3 million euros, at a gas station in Los Angeles. What was not expected is that refueling the entire tank would be cost you almost 145 dollarsthus arousing the anger of the famous American forward.

Jimmy Butler, outraged by gasoline prices

Butler did not hide his anger through his social networks, where he did not hesitate to complain about what he considered a real robbery: “This is fucking highway robbery.”lamented the Olympic medalist when he saw the very high price he had paid to put gasoline in his luxury vehicle after the increase in costs.

The Miami player even joked about the situation: “I’m trying to recover some of this fuel. Do you think if I went there and told them I put in the wrong one they would give me a refund? “This is crazy,” said Butler, who did not like this situation at all.

The 6-time NBA All-Star also threatened to leave sports behind to switch to electric vehicles: «I’m switching to electric ones. Can you believe it costs $145 to fill up a Bugatti? This is very crazy. Unheard of… It’s Bugatti, man…».

He has a contract of almost 40 million dollars a year

Jimmy Butler thus complained about a rise in the price of gasoline that has affected many American citizens in recent weeks. The increase in costs in the North American country has left the liter of gasoline around 1.5 dollars (which translates into 1.4 euros per liter), according to data from the United States Energy Information Administration.

The international basketball star signed a contract extension with the Miami Heat on August 2, 2021 for the next four years for 184 million dollars. Thus, the salary of the American forward amounts annually to about 37 million dollars without counting bonuses for sports performance or advertising contracts with brands.

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