It’s coming for you, Admiral Pepe Domingo Castaño

It’s false, it’s a lie, it’s a real lie, that when someone dies you have to feel sorry for them. And shit! We must feel sorry for those of us who are left without HIM, yes, in capital letters. We must feel pain for those of us who are still in this world, not for those who are leaving.

In this case, in the case of monster Pepe Domingo CastañoIt is also a fallacy that THE RADIO, yes, also with enormous letters, because it is the medium of the instant, of the moment, of speed and fluidity, of listening to it without further ado, lose a great professional, a genius, one of those who come out two every 50 years.

And it is a fallacy to lament RADIO, because the waves will survive one way or another, what is not clear is how Pepe’s friends will survive. That is the biggest problem that suddenly arises from the death of a friend, but a real friend. I insist, I don’t know what the radio loses, I don’t even know what the advertising that Pepe invented, the way of communicating that Pepe devised, what I do know is what we friends lose. That is an irreplaceable void.

Pepe can be seen as a Galician, as an enormous Galician, who prided himself on being Galician. Pussy! from Padrón himself, where recently, how great that he was able to enjoy it! They gave him a place. “No, no, I don’t want a street, if you want to name something, give it to the square where I played soccer as a child.” And they put it on. That was the Galician Pepe, the only one.

The best singer

Pepe can be remembered as a singer, what a singer! Pepe won a Gold Record in Mexico with the song ‘Motivos’. Pepe was a singer, a vocalist it was said in my town, of Los Ibéricos and Blue Sky. Pepe was a close friend of Julio Iglesias, with that I almost say it all. But one day Pepe discovered radio, more than journalism, and decided (1964) to go to Radio Galicia, de la Ser, and start the career that made him number 1 in everything, everything, that he did. “I only sing for my friends,” he said when those who knew about music, about singing, tried to prevent him from stopping singing.

Pepe can be, should be, remembered as the guy, the scoundrel, the smart one, the very intelligent author who devised, who invented, a way of advertising, of spreading advertising, of enchanting with advertising, of making people get hooked on their ads, enjoy them, sing them or, at the very least, hum them. He was a fucking genius in that way of selling you what others didn’t even know how to sell.

He was a singer and one of the good ones, he even won a Gold Record in Mexico, with ‘Motivos’

Pepe can be remembered as a poet, yes, yes, just like that, because he was, oh, he was! Look, it’s not easy, you have to be very, very genius and have a privileged head, like the one our Pepe had, to, while the rest of us, the rest, the talkers, spent two hours talking in front of the microphone, chatting about a thousand songs, staying in a corner, almost hidden, of the studio or stage where we performed and, at the moment of concluding and saying goodbye to the program, he would appear, with his immense personality, carrying two papers, wonderfully written, and recite a poem in the which summarized everything we had discussed in the program. Think about it, that is impossible to do, if you were not Pepe Domingo Castaño.

Pepe, yes, he could be all that and more. And all that and more, allowed him to become a great on Spanish radio, which is no small thing because everyone says that it is one of the best radio stations on the planet. All that and more made him a reference for everything, for everything good. All this and more allowed him, rightly, to win up to four Ondas Awards in 1975, 1996, 2002 and 2005, they said, “for his journalistic career and his contribution to the world of communication.” All the Ondas are deserved, but those four more than any. Few of us look like Pepe’s colleagues.

But I have told you some of the things for which Pepe will never disappear from our memories to leave me, in the end, the only thing for which we will miss Pepe, the only thing for which it was worth knowing him, the only thing for which a A quarter of an hour with him was half a lifetime of pleasure for anyone: his greatness as a human being.

Pepe was not just any guy. If you were a friend or even, perhaps, simply an acquaintance of Pepe, you had in Pepe a being who caressed you with words and who showed you his affection with actions, with pampering, with gifts that only Pepe could give you. Pepe never provoked! a bad life in no one, Pepe never had a bad gesture towards anyone, Pepe never gave anyone a displeasure. Pepe lived to help, to make those around him happy, no matter where he went, for what purpose and at whatever time.

A touching being

Pepe was what dad called “good people.” You know, it is not easy to be “good people”, it is not easy. Pepe was by the kilo, sorry, by the ton. And Pepe was such a good person, so much so, that he did not quite believe or thought that he did not deserve the affection, the devotion, the admiration, that the world of the radio, that his friends, that his colleagues, that the people on the street he professed to him. He was such a gentleman, so much so, that he did not believe he deserved so much. And yes, yes, he deserved it.

That’s why, a couple of years ago, when he suffered a heart attack that tormented us all, THE RADIO began to shake. For this reason, the day he returned to the editorial office, because he never gave up, his colleagues, the entire COPE Sports, welcomed him with all their members, standing on the tables, with an endless ovation and cheers. And there was Pepe, Mr. Domingo Castaño, stunned, incredulous, stunned, with that lad’s face that distinguished him, an unrepeatable rogue, surprised that people had such affection for him, such fervor. It was simply veneration.

Pepe was an artist, that’s why the applause made him great, immense. They say that LA RADIO has lost a lot with his disappearance. Maybe, I don’t know as much about radio as I can calibrate such a loss. I know about friendship, affection, tact, fidelity, complicity, I learned it as a child, as a young man, from people like Antonio Franco, from my brother Carlos and all of his people and, in recent decades, I have reinforced that feeling to feel loved, useful, friends with the COPE Sports crazy people, where there are several captains, but only one admiral: Pepe Domingo Castaño. Sir, yes sir!

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