It’s a joy to play at Bayern, Kane admitted. Hattrick will celebrate at Oktoberfest

He came in front of the television cameras in slippers and in a cheerful mood. “It’s going really well, I’m feeling better with each match,” Kane said. You know the story of the captain of the English national team: in the summer he decided to change his life and moved from Tottenham to Bayern. So far it looks like a very good choice, not just by the numbers. Until Saturday, no one had scored seven goals in the first five Bundesliga games at the glitzy Munich address.

He had a dream afternoon against Bochum. For the first time, he hit with his right foot from the penalty area, then he converted the penalty with ease and completed his first league hat-trick since December 2017 with an elegant foot on a small goal. And after his accurate passes, Leroy SanĂ© and Mathys Tel scored, meaning Kane was involved in five of Bayern’s seven strikes.

“The whole team played fantastically,” praised coach Thomas Tuchel. His boys managed 15 direct shots on goal, which is an above average number. On the other hand, troubled Bochum is still waiting for its first league victory.

Also because of Kane, who probably wouldn’t be stopped by a concrete wall on Saturday. “We played straight, we were fast and we went for the win,” he enthused. “I felt very good in that gear, it’s a pleasure to play here.”

Remember Bayern’s embarrassing spring? He rather stumbled after the eleventh title in a row, but at the end of the new season he exudes drive. He lost in only one of five league matches and successfully started his mission in the Champions League on Wednesday: Kane’s goal also helped to win 4:3 in the thrashing of Manchester United.

This is also why Bayern deserves a Sunday celebration at Oktoberfest. “I look forward to. I’ve never been there before,” Kane explained. “It will be great to go there with another win in my pocket.”


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