Indonesia Launches First Professional Baseball Team in Southeast Asia

Yuji Fukuhara (right), representative of Indonesia’s new baseball team, and Satoshi Tokumaru, representative director of the Kyushu Asian Professional Baseball Organization, on the 27th in Takeo City, Saga Prefecture

The Yamae Group Kyushu Asia League, an independent baseball league, announced on the 27th that it has approved a new team from Indonesia to become an associate member from next season. According to the team, this is the first time a professional baseball team has been launched in Southeast Asia, and the aim is to expand the scope of the sport. The team is expected to be based in Saga Prefecture.

The number of games per year is expected to be 24, which is about one-third of the four teams currently in the league. We aim to become an official member from the 2025 season. The team is centered on the Indonesian national team, and is made up of players from the Philippines, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. The team name and coach will be announced at a later date.

Yuji Fukuhara, president of the baseball team, was enthusiastic, saying, “We want to create a stage where people can make a living from baseball.”

2023-09-27 08:26:59
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