”He thought nothing was going to happen, he didn’t apologize to me”

The recent sexual assault that the journalist from ‘On everyone’s lips’Isa Balado, has caused a media stir and everyone has come out in defense of the reporter.

The harassment that the journalist suffered is but one of the many that have been captured by television cameras over the years and that demonstrates the machismo that female journalists face.

The journalist Marta Nebot has gone live in ‘Everything is a lie’ to talk about the harassment that women suffer from many men and report the case of harassment that he experienced in his own skin.

Regarding what you think of Isa Balado’s images, Marta has been very blunt: ”It seems to me that it is a symptom, what happens to us journalists in front of the cameras is the wildest thing because it is what can be seen, but that happens because many more things happen when there are no cameras in front of us. I have had my ass touched many times without cameras and I am convinced that everyone who has been young in my time has.

Risto Mejide has reminded Marta of the similar moment she experienced when Aznar placed a pen on her neckline: ”I’m convinced that he thought nothing was going to happen, in fact, I think he thought the camera hadn’t seen it and I reacted by telling the camera. Many times they have asked me why I didn’t slap him and sometimes I wonder too.”

Marta has admitted that, for her, the worst thing today is “to continue being the girl with the pen” and denounces that every time the same thing happens to another girl, she remembers her situation again because “you are marked”.

”He never apologized to me or made any gesture, or anything like that because it seemed to him that this was the currency with which to return the uncomfortable question I had asked him,” Marta explains about the moment she lived with Aznar.


2023-09-13 15:14:07
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