Handball Bundesliga: Kretzschmar – “Breakers come early in the season”

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“The crackers come early in the season”

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Sports director Stefan Kretzschmar: His foxes narrowly won the first two games of the season

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The championship fight in the Handball Bundesliga picks up speed immediately, with groundbreaking duels occurring early on. Like this Wednesday and Thursday, when two top players are lined up within 24 hours. One can be seen on free TV.

First the European League winner Füchse Berlin challenges the Champions League winner SC Magdeburg in the east duel, then the SG Flensburg-Handewitt wants to eradicate the first defeat of the season in the 109th northern derby against champion THW Kiel. With two top games within 24 hours, the title race in the Handball Bundesliga is really picking up speed. “The crackers come relatively early in the season,” said Berlin’s sporting director Stefan Kretzschmar about the showdown between the four big favorites for the championship.

The capital club finally wants to stop its negative series against Magdeburg on Wednesday (8.30 p.m.). The foxes have been waiting for a win against the runners-up for three years, the last seven competitive games have all been lost. The DYN streaming service will broadcast the game live, and it can also be viewed free of charge on BILD TV with the preliminary reports from 8:15 p.m. “With their quality, their self-confidence, their self-confidence and the strengthened squad, Magdeburg are of course the favourites,” said Kretzschmar.

Foxes tremble in Stuttgart to victory – the highlights in the video

Füchse Berlin celebrate their second away win. In Stuttgart, the capital club had to tremble until the end and almost lost the win, but saved the lead over time. The highlights in the video.

Foxes trainer Jaron Siewert is therefore also required as a psychologist. “First of all, the balance sheet does not speak for us. Now when you just stick to that and keep focusing on what was negative, then it comes naturally to your mind that you don’t stand a chance,” he said.

The people of Magdeburg travel relaxed to Berlin. Although SCM trainer Bennet Wiegert expects a tough task, he is looking forward to the challenge. “I feel like it. We don’t have to hide,” said the 41-year-old. The 31:29 win against Flensburg last Sunday showed that his team can be counted on again in the fight for the championship. “Only a win counts for us,” announced backcourt player Michael Damgaard.

“We’re going to Flensburg to win the game”

This applies even more to Flensburg, who are already under pressure after the early sporting setback in the explosive duel with their archrival from Kiel. THW circle runner Patrick Wiencek added fuel to the fire before the game on Thursday (8:30 p.m./Dyn). “That’s the big favourite, as many experts say,” he explained with a smug undertone and sent a clear declaration of war on the rival: “We’re going to Flensburg to win the game.”

THW Kiel dismantles newly promoted Balingen-Weilstetten – the highlights in the video

THW Kiel starts the season with a brilliant victory and doesn’t give Balingen-Weilstetten a chance. The Kielers have an advantage of 11 points with the final siren. See the highlights in the video here.

The people of Kiel got off to a strong start by winning the Supercup and three league victories. In addition, the balance clearly speaks for the THW, which has won the duel with the neighbor 65 times so far. In contrast, there are only 38 defeats. The self-confidence is correspondingly high. “I would say we are ready. If we perform well, everything will be fine,” said goalkeeper Tomas Mrkva.

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However, the people of Kiel have been warned, because the last guest appearance in Flensburg was a hefty 23:36 defeat. No wonder that the SG hopes for a win again with their new coach Nicolej Krickau. The Dane is looking forward to his first northern derby, but he also knows how difficult the task is: “We have to be very ready for that. Kiel is looking very good so far.”

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