Hamburg Towers Gear Up for BBL Cup Clash Against Dresden Titans

Six weeks of hard preparation are finally over. On Sunday things get serious for the Hamburg Towers in the BBL Cup against second division team Dresden Titans (3 p.m., live Dyn).

The new mode means the “little ones” are back in basketball for the first time after a 14-year break.

“We are going into the game with a lot of self-confidence in order to advance to the next round,” explains coach Benka Barloschky (35). But at the same time warns: “The new cup format thrives on the fact that surprises are possible. I am sure that the people of Dresden will do everything they can to seize their chance. It might be the game of the year for them.”

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The Titans surprisingly finished fifth in the ProA last season. Ten professionals remained – the towers, however, brought in nine new ones. Coach Fabian Strauß (30) played for Towers cooperation partner Rist Wedel from 2013 to 2013 and was also discussed as Barloschky’s “co” in 2019.

During the week, the Dresden team even sent their mascot Titanius to Hamburg for a funny video and let him spy on training!

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The Towers, on the other hand, relied on serious work. “Of course we want to win,” says boss Marvin Willoughby (45). “But we won’t win if we don’t manage to give it our all.”

On Saturday the entire team gets on the bus for the Elbe duel. During the journey, the team also chooses their captain. Who has to go into the stands as the seventh foreigner will be decided at short notice.

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