Governor of Puebla Discusses Concession for Parking at Hermanos Serdán Baseball Stadium

The governor of Puebla, Sergio Salomón Céspedes Peregrina, announced that the state Secretary of the Interior is analyzing what can be done so that the company that was awarded the concession for the Hermanos Serdán baseball stadium takes charge of the parking.

He pointed out that it will be the same agency that will inform the solution reached, while it is investigating what happened on the night of Tuesday, September 12 against a family.

As reported by El Universal Puebla, on the night of September 12, a family attended the baseball game, but was attacked by a group of flannel fans after they refused to pay a fee of 50 pesos to let them park on the road. public.

The state president said that security was reinforced in the area, even on Wednesday, September 13, when the fifth baseball game of the Series del Rey was held, between Pericos de Puebla vs Algodoneros de Unión Laguna, there was no type of conflict .

He insisted that when security was reinforced, no incident was reported and the attack that was reported must have been “at very late hours,” but everything will become clear as the investigations progress.

It was last September 2 when Governor Sergio Salomón Céspedes Peregrina made official the delivery of the concession title to the Desarrollo del Baseball Mexicano SA brand of CV Pericos, whose legal representative is Ignacio Trigueros.

The concession is for a period of 15 years, which implies that the businessmen make improvements to the stadium, promote the property, have extensive insurance coverage, maintain teams in the first division, grant the state government 20 percent of income from activities other than sports such as shows, events and other activities.

Hermanos Serdán must pay the state government 15 percent of the income from the exploitation of boxes.

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