French Basketball Federation President Jean-Pierre Siutat Expresses Confidence in Coach Vincent Collet for Paris Olympics

French team – Jean-Pierre Siutat does not plan to part ways with Vincent Collet one year before the Paris Olympic Games.

Guest of “Stephen Time”, Stephen Brun’s show on RMC, the president of the French Basketball Federation has, without much surprise, renewed his confidence in Vincent Collet, the coach of the Blues.

After the disaster of the World Cup, Jean-Pierre Siutat did not directly brush aside the subject.

“After a failure, we always look for those to blame. The first two at fault are the head coach, Vincent. We experienced this situation in 2016 and 2017. There was criticism of the Games and in 2017, in Turkey. And then the second, through the federation, it can also be its president. We still see what’s happening… Of course, the players, the staff, everyone is responsible for the failure just as everyone must take ownership of a victory and a medal. Twice, Vincent submitted his resignation to us in 2016 and 2017 and twice I refused it because I believed he had the ability to bounce back and he did so. We’ll see what we all decide together, but very sincerely I think that Vincent will remain the man for the job to lead the team in 2024.”

The choice to maintain Vincent Collet, at the head of the French team since 2009, is therefore not completely confirmed, but it is difficult to see the other leaders of the FFBB pushing for a change of coach one year before the Paris Olympics .

Other subject covered in the show: Joel Embiid.

Will the Sixers pivot join the French team for the Olympic campaign? Jean-Pierre Siutat still knows nothing, but the ultimatum has been given, with a definitive response expected by October 10.

“Today, he is still not with us, but we are working on it and we have a firm desire to do it. We had the opportunity to discuss it with him. We are now awaiting a decision. We know that the American team, as you can imagine, would be very interested in having him. And then Cameroon also qualified for the TQO. It may also be a rather delicate situation for him. It will happen very quickly in all cases. Maybe by October 10 we will have an answer, since we set this deadline for the 10th.”

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