French Badminton Team, The Bleuets, Ready for First-Rate Meeting with Selected Tricolors in Great Shape

Our 8 selected tricolors Malya HOAREAU, Elsa JACOB, Baptiste LABARTHE, Tom LALOT-TRESCARTE, Alex LANIER, Elena PHAN, Camille POGNANTE and Arthur WAKHEVITSCH are in great shape for this first-rate meeting.

The Bleuets are accompanied and supervised by Thibault CAMBUZAT (coach), Benjamin SLANKA (assistant coach) and Madeg RENAULT (physiotherapist).

The meetings will begin today for our Bleuets (Group F) with:

Monday – 9 p.m.*: France vs Belgium Tuesday 4 a.m.* – France vs Hong Kong Tuesday – 9 p.m.* – France vs Ghana Wednesday – 9 p.m.* – France vs Spain

*French time

Appointment ici to follow the competition
See you this evening, from 7 p.m., for the start of the competition and to encourage our Bleuets!

2023-09-25 14:38:16
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