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Simone Inzaghi is excited and awaits the return of the first national teams, hoping that the latest efforts do not bring bad news in view of the derby on Saturday at 6pm. Cuadrado’s condition will be assessed, not at his best and probably spared in the match against Chile. However, Inter is not worried, so much so that the midfielder will remain with the national team and will return to Appiano Gentile as scheduled.

Doubts also for Sanchez, even if the anemia problems had already been known to the club for some time. Both Cuadrado and Sanchez will be the last to return available together with Lautaro Martinez who should however be spared from the match against Bolivia.

They will only be there on Thursday, 48 hours after the Milan derby.

Tomorrow in the afternoon De Vrij, Dumfries and Asllani will already be at Inzaghi’s court, then the others will also return in stages. However, the derby is already occupying everyone’s thoughts, for a challenge at the top that has the primacy at stake.

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2023-09-10 13:16:43
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