First Official Commitment for Pallacanestro Forlì 2.015: Coach Antimo Martino Prepares for Chiusi Showdown

First official commitment for Pallacanestro Forlì 2.015. In Chiusi, coach Antimo Martino’s team will be busy on Tuesday evening (two-ball at 8.30 pm) for the first of the two matches in group D of the Lnp Super Cup of Serie A2, which will end on Friday at the Palafiera with the derby against Rimini Basketball Rebirth. “We want to approach the first official match of the season with the right mentality – begins coach Martino -. We know that it comes after less than a month of working together, so we must be good, in parallel with pursuing the objective of the single match, in exploiting these competitions to improve team chemistry and the physical condition of all individual players”.

But what match does the red and white coach expect? “Two teams are facing each other who have changed a lot compared to when they met a few months ago, while maintaining some elements of the previous roster. Chiusi comes from an excellent pre-season, in which the victories of Taliercio stand out, against Venezia, and that on Saturday in the first Super Cup match in Rimini. A difficult match certainly awaits us, which we will try to face as best we can and with great determination.” It is played at the PalaPiana in Chiusi with free entry. The match will be broadcast live on the social channels of the Tuscan club.

2023-09-11 08:47:03
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