FIFA and UNESCO’s “Soccer for Schools” Program Empowers Latvian Students with Essential Life Skills

In the course of the program, a free digital application in Latvian, an online learning platform and equipment for schools to implement the program are provided. The program is planned in accordance with modern educational trends to learn competences and develop skills useful in everyday life.

In order to support the implementation of the school program, already in May, sports teachers of general education schools took part in the program’s training and the opening event for two days in Riga. 45 educators from all over Latvia participated in the training.

The implementation of the “Soccer for Schools” program for use in sports lessons in educational institutions of Latvia has been accepted by the Ministry of Education and Science (IZM). In LFF’s view, these tools will make the sports education process in Latvian schools more interesting, paying attention not only to football as such, but connecting it to various life skills and participating in the promotion of positive social changes in society.

In the second year of operation of “Football for Schools”, it is planned to double the number of participating schools, so that in 2025, more than half of Latvian educational institutions will participate.

The implementation of this program is led by FIFA and UNESCO with the aim of contributing to the education, development and empowerment of approximately 700 million children.


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