Exploring the Style and Success of Umi Teves: An Exclusive Look at the Athlete’s Relationship with Adidas

What kind of things do athletes do to make sure they have a comfortable and comfortable time away from the competition? What kind of clothes and styles do they wear to make the most of their momentary rest?

This time, we take a closer look at the true face of Umi Teves, who is active in the Japanese basketball world with his versatile drive and assist skills.

Teves chooses to wear Adidas sportswear, which has the concept of “Born for sports, for everyday wear.” Umi’s good style and beautiful looks make her sophisticated design stand out even more, enhancing her charm.

In an exclusive interview, Teves talked about his ideal basketball player, his special relationship with Adidas, and what his “normal” life is like as an athlete.

■New determination as a player gained through the contract with Adidas

–Taves, please tell us about the moment you first wore Adidas.

I first became interested in Adidas when I was a child. At that time, Derrick Rose won the NBA MVP and was under contract with Adidas, so Adidas basketball shoes were very popular. I thought it was cool and immediately imitated it. That was my first encounter with Adidas.

–Honestly, how did you feel when you signed with Adidas and became a supported player?

Honestly, when I signed with Adidas, I was surprised that I really deserved it, and I was also very grateful to be supported by such a traditional and internationally known brand.

–Has there been a moment since you signed your contract with Adidas when you felt like you’ve grown as a player?

More than just playing, signing with Adidas gave me a stronger sense of responsibility for carrying the brand. As a result, my goal has always been to set high goals and perform in a way that will inspire the children who watch me play.

–How do you feel about the coolness of “THREE STRIPES”, which is also a symbol of Adidas?

The lifestyle THREE STRIPES seen through SNS is a symbol of Adidas, an original brand in the sports world, and gives the impression that it is very cool and stylish.

■Why sportswear is everyday clothing

–The sportswear you’re wearing really suits you, but please tell us what you think after trying it on.

The sportswear I wear today has great color combinations and is comfortable to wear. Furthermore, it is attractive that it supports smooth body movements.

–When does Teves wear sportswear on a daily basis?

My everyday clothes are mostly sportswear. The reason is that comfort is our top priority. I also like clothes that allow me to move my body at all times. That’s why sportswear is perfect for your style.

–When it comes to colors and styles, which do you prefer: flashy or subdued?

I like both. Sometimes I like a simple style like wearing black all over my body, but at the same time I’m attracted to flashy colors. Therefore, I always enjoy wearing various styles of sportswear.

–What kind of sportswear would you like to wear in the future?

Adidas’ current sportswear is easy to move in and is fashionable. However, I hope that we will see more and more sportswear that emphasizes fashion and makes people think, “This is Adidas.”

–Please tell us what you would recommend to people who have never worn Adidas sportswear.

Adidas sportswear is both fashionable and functional, and can be worn in a variety of situations. I would like you to try it on in a store and experience its effects for yourself.

■Taves’ challenge to overcome weaknesses and become the perfect player

–How do you spend your days off from competition?

Most of my time is spent normally. I mainly spend my time relaxing at home, watching TV or watching YouTube.

――Do you often spend your relaxing time wearing clothes like today?

Yes, that’s right. What I’m most looking for is clothes that are comfortable to wear and allow me to move around at any time.

–What kind of shoes do you usually choose for your feet?

I have about 100 pairs of shoes at home. There are many competitive shoes, but on the other hand, I try not to wear basketball shoes when I’m not playing basketball. If you confuse it with fashion, you might not be able to tell the difference between on and off.

――Is there a message you want to send through basketball?

Especially to children, I want to convey the importance of continuing to work hard every day to do what you love. Since I became a professional player, I have had many opportunities to interact with children in various situations, so I would like to be a role model for them in the world of basketball. I think it’s a blessing to have an environment where you can do what you love, not just basketball, so I hope you continue to do it while being grateful for that.

–You have transferred to Alvark Tokyo this season. Please tell us your enthusiasm.

It’s important to keep track of individual play and results, but I want to win the championship more than anything else. That’s the goal. I want to lead the team as a point guard while making full use of what I’ve gained through my past championship experience and the amount of playing time I received in Shiga last year.

–What kind of play would you like fans to see?

Is it speed? I would like the fans to see his plays and game making that take advantage of his unique speed.

–What do you think is necessary for B.LEAGUE to become even more popular in Japan in the future?

I think there are a lot of things going on, but I think it’s important to first raise the level of the league as a whole. Up until now, there have been times when I felt there was a difference in the level between foreign players and Japanese players, but Japanese players are also improving as they are being challenged in the league. As the level of the league has improved, so has the level of foreign players coming to Japan. I think this trend will accelerate, and I think the league will become even more interesting if Japanese players continue to raise their level without losing.

–Alpen Group Magazine is a site that is read by many club members. Do you have any advice for junior high and high school students who are working hard in club activities, such as how to be conscious during training and how to practice to become closer to the ideal player?

What I always keep in mind is to face my weaknesses and not turn away from them. Whether it’s practice or games, he continues to work hard on the areas he thinks he’s weak at. As a result, what used to be your weaknesses may turn out to be your strengths. If you practice with this awareness, you will experience daily growth.

–Finally, please tell us your future goals as a basketball player.

My ultimate goal is to become a player with no weaknesses in terms of technique. Even though he has failed in matches, he has continued to hone his skills and find his weaknesses. When I retire, I want to be a player who can declare that I have overcome all of my weaknesses.

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