Expectations Soar for Alexander Zverev as Boris Becker Believes in His Potential

Expectations are rising for Boris Becker Alexander Zverev after his good performances in his comeback season.

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Boris Becker still sees a lot of potential for improvement with Alexander Zverev.

“Next year he has to go one step further,” Becker said in the Eurosport podcast “The Yellow Ball” and explained: “That’s always the cursed thing. If you play well one year, then you don’t just have to confirm it next year, You want to improve yourself.”

In any case, Becker has a lot of confidence in Zverev again. “That’s why I really hope that he gets to the final of a Grand Slam tournament again, maybe even wins one. Because he’s really good enough for that,” the six-time major champion continued: “That also has to be the motivation He can’t be happy with a semi-final or a quarter-final.”

After his serious ankle injury at the French Open last year, Zverev increasingly found his way back to his old strength this season. On his return to Roland Garros, the 26-year-old reached the semi-finals; most recently at the US Open, the Olympic champion failed in the quarter-finals against young Spanish star Carlos Alcaraz, but returned to the top 10 in the world rankings.

“His goal has to be: I want to win a Grand Slam tournament. I want to be number one in the world rankings – and why not?” said Becker. In his opinion, Zverev is “playing in the concert of the greats again. He has arrived where he belongs.”

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