Enner Valencia Alleges Unfair Refereeing in Argentina’s Victory Against Ecuador

Enner Valencia, Inter Porto Alegre player, questioned the refereeing decisions of Colombian Wilmar Roldán.

The Argentine National Team started the South American Qualifiers on the right foot, beating Ecuador 1-0 with a great free kick goal from Lionel Messi. However, many questioned the “albiceleste” triumph, as was the case of the Mexican journalist Alvaro Morales and, now, a claim from the Ecuadorian figure has been added End of Valenciawho launched a strong accusation in the post-match interview.

The Inter Porto Alegre forward complained about the Colombian’s arbitration decisions Wilmar Roldan. “There were many controversies. Right now, talking about that thing is complicated, but I think that everyone who saw the game realized that it was not a fair refereeing,” he said.

From Ecuador they agree with this view and point to various plays that would have been doubtful, among them the foul given by the free kick that Messi ended up taking in the goal defended by Hernan Galindez.

In relation to his role on the field, Valencia acknowledged that he did not have a good game and was neutralized by the duo of Argentine centre-backs. “We knew it was going to be complicated. Today we tried to play a good game to get a good result, but unfortunately it didn’t happen,” he added.

It is worth remembering that, 14 minutes into the second half, in an Ecuadorian counterattack, Valencia had a clash with Christian Romero. At the moment he was going to kick at the goal, “Cuti” cut the play off with an excellent sweep. Elated by the robbery, the central defender went to celebrate the removal in Enner’s face. The video went viral on the networks and the Argentine defender’s name became an X trend.

With the goal against Ecuador, what records can Lionel Messi break?

On the first date of the Qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup, Lionel Messi completed a spectacular day. With his goal, he tied Luis Suárez in the table of all-time scorers in the South American Qualifiers – both with 29 – and, because the “Pistolero” was not called up by Marcelo Bielsa, the Rosario player can surpass him in the match against the “green” in La Paz.

With his goal from set pieces, the Argentine star reached 65 goals from free kicks (50 in Barcelona, ​​11 in Argentina, two in PSG and two in Inter Miami). This goal tied the Englishman David Beckham, who is currently co-owner of the “Herons”, the team where the “Pulga” plays in Major League Soccer. In addition, he was one goal away from tying Ronaldinho and the best Argentine in the field, Victor Legrotaglie. On the other hand, he has five goals left in this way to tie “O Rey” Pelé and 13 to surpass Juninho Pernambucano, who holds the title of being the best set piece kicker with 77 goals.

According to the X account @SoccerDataVen, the Argentine National Team is the team with the most free kick goals in the history of the South American Qualifiers under the current format, that is, from 1998 to the present. In this section, the “Albiceleste” scored 12 goals from free kicks – four were from Messi. It is followed by Venezuela, with 10 points, and the podium is completed by Uruguay, with 9. Surprisingly, Brazil is the team that took advantage of this resource the least in the competition, since it only has three goals according to the survey carried out.

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