Criticism of budget cuts – Sport

The two-time Olympic canoe champion Ronald Rauhe made an appeal to politicians in the discussion about the planned cuts in the millions in German top-class sport. It’s about competitive sport, said Rauhe, 41, on Tuesday on ZDF, but also “about the social impact that sport can produce” about “values ​​and norms”. In general, you have to think: “Where should sport go in Germany? How important should sport be in Germany?”.

In the federal budget of Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP), cuts of ten percent from around 303 to around 276 million euros are planned for top-class sport for the coming year. The Institute for Research and Development of Sports Equipment (FES) and the Institute for Applied Training Science (IAT) are particularly affected. Four million euros, around 19 percent of the previous budget. should be dropped there. For him it was not just a sign in the direction of the IAT and FES, said Rauhe.

The former world-class track cyclist and two-time Olympic champion Kristina Vogel also took a look at para-sport: Many Paralympic disciplines have only been sponsored by the IAT and FES for three years. According to Vogel, disabled sports have only recently received professional performance diagnostics, analyzes and advice “up to and including competitive sports equipment”.


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