Carlos Sainz, on the run to recover his watch

Carlos Sainz showed this Sunday that he is fast on and off the circuits. In the morning he delighted the fans with his abilities at the controls of his Ferrari, achieving his first podium of the season, with third place in the Italian GP held at the Monza circuit. A very elaborate classification because he had to defend himself first against Max Verstappen, who ended up winning the race, then Sergio Pérez and finally, against his own teammate Charles Leclerc. But finally his great defense allowed him to get on the podium at the home of Ferrari to the delight of the Spanish and the tifossi of the Italian scuderia.

The Spaniard wanted to celebrate his first podium of the year with various members of his team and family and decided to go out to dinner in Milan. When he left the Armani Hotel, located on Via Manzoni in the Italian city, late in the afternoon to go to the restaurant, three individuals approached the car in which the Spaniard was traveling with his manager and stole the watch he was wearing. worn on his left wrist. The driver, who at first thought they were three fans who wanted to ask him for an autograph or a photo, did not think twice and left the vehicle to start chasing them through the nearby streets.

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After several meters of running, and thanks to the help of two citizens who were passing by, in addition to other members of his team, Sainz managed to stop one of them who was wearing the watch in via Pietro Verri. The second was stopped in via della Spiga by the manager of the Ferrari driver, and the third was stopped not far from there -in the Monte Napoleone area- by another member of staff with the collaboration of passers-by, according to the Police. it’s a statement. The three thieves, aged between 18 and 20, were arrested by the carabinieri and taken to the police station, where the Spanish pilot filed the relevant complaint. The watch recovered by Carlos Sainz is a Richard Mille, Alexander Zverev model, valued at more than 300,000 euros.

It is not the first time that a Ferrari driver suffers the theft of a watch. About a year and a half ago his teammate Charles Leclerc. he was stripped of his watch, a Richard Mille valued at about 2 million euros. As happened to the Spaniard, the thieves posed as fake fans who wanted to take a selfie. Unfortunately, on that occasion, the Monegasque pilot was unable to retrieve the watch. Yes, they were able to arrest those responsible for the robbery, three Italians and a woman, almost a year after committing the robbery. In addition to the two perpetrators, who used an electric scooter to escape, a man and a woman who allegedly participated in the robbery were also arrested by following the pilot while he was traveling aboard an SUV rented from a car rental company.

Another Formula One driver who had to go out to the race, in this case on an electric scooter, to recover a backpack that had been stolen was Sebastian Vettel. The German had a backpack stolen from his car last year while he was out with his family in Barcelona and he did not hesitate to chase the thieves on an electric scooter thanks to the real-time location of his AirPods, whose GPS technology allows tracking your location in real time. The pilot, who reported the theft to the police, managed to recover the headphones, since the thieves must have realized that they had a GPS signal and abandoned them inside a vase of flowers in an establishment in the Ciutat Vella district of the city. count.

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