Cañedo: “The second part was a monstrosity, the worst since I arrived”

Emilio Cañedo, coach of Avilés, was very angry after his team’s draw against Deportivo Fabril (2-2).

Match conclusions. “The conclusions are clear. We have had a very good first half, despite the gift we made, and a grotesque second half. They were the worst 45 minutes since we took charge of this team. The second half is unstoppable”.

What happened in the second half? “There was a lack of responsibility with the style. We, as coaches, have the responsibility to train him and the players to carry it out. You can’t generate eight chances and not take advantage of them. That’s how you give oxygen to a dead man. It’s unfeasible. We all have to take responsibility, it’s something that we have been dragging along for a long time”.

Problems with the structure. “We have a structure to respect during the ninety minutes. At no time did we respect it during the second half. We attacked with more heart than head and, despite this, we had clear chances, but it’s not our game, far from it. There were many transitions of the rival team and it is a consequence of something being done wrong”.

Cortina’s injury changed the game. “Responsibility entails everything. We have to adapt to changing situations. If every time a player is injured we disconnect like that, we’re going badly.”

Aviles loses two points. “Beyond the points, we could go to halftime with a quite favorable result. Deportivo Fabril did us a lot of damage with transitions. I’m angry about the feelings we left behind. The only goal the squad has to have is to win every game” .

The performances of Iván Serrano and Davo Fernández. “Individual performances don’t matter to me at all. It matters to me that the collective is recognizable.”

The problems with the goal. “We have had a very high frequency of occasions, of dangerous approaches, but we finished them as fry.”

Substitute for Curtain. “The Cortina thing is a big setback. For us he is an important footballer. We don’t have Mecerreyes, but we trust that other teammates can replace him.”

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