Can Zhang Boheng Win the Gold? Highlights and Key Events to Watch at the Hangzhou Asian Games

On September 26, the Hangzhou Asian Games will produce a total of 39 gold medals in shooting, equestrian, table tennis, taekwondo, swimming and other events.

Can gymnastics “all-around king” Zhang Boheng win the gold? Can the national table tennis team win the team gold medal? Can the Chinese men’s basketball team regain its confidence? These attractions are not to be missed.

Point of Interest 1: Can Zhang Boheng, the “all-around king” of gymnastics, win the gold medal?

On the evening of the 24th, the gold medal for the men’s qualifying and team finals of competitive gymnastics at the Hangzhou Asian Games was decided. The Chinese men’s gymnastics team won the championship and defended the title in this event.

In the men’s team finals, the “all-around king” Zhang Boheng’s performance was particularly eye-catching. He showed his absolute strength in six events including parallel bars, rings, and floor exercises, and ranked first among men’s individuals with a high score of 88.564 points. First place in all-around qualifying.

At 15:00 on September 26, the men’s individual all-around final of competitive gymnastics will begin. Let us look forward to whether the “all-around king” Zhang Boheng can continue his good form and strive for the all-around gold medal.

Highlight 2: Table tennis staged a world-class team matchdecide

On September 26, the table tennis event of the Hangzhou Asian Games will compete in the finals of the women’s team and the men’s team.

Whether it is the Olympic Games or the Asian Games, the national table tennis team occupies an important position in the Chinese sports delegation. In this battle at home, the national table tennis team aims to win 7 gold medals.

On the 25th, in the table tennis team semi-finals, both the men’s team and the women’s team Chinese team advanced successfully. The Chinese women’s team defeated the Thai team 3:0 and will compete with the Japanese team for the women’s team championship in the final. The Chinese men’s team defeated the Chinese Taipei team 3-0 and will compete with the Korean team for the men’s team championship in the final.

Point 3: Can the Chinese men’s basketball team regain its confidence?

On September 26, the Chinese men’s basketball team will officially start their journey to the Hangzhou Asian Games, with the first game against the Mongolian men’s basketball team. In the recent Basketball World Cup, the Chinese men’s basketball team had a record of 1 win and 4 losses and directly missed the Paris Olympics next year.

Chinese men’s basketball coach Djordjevic said in an interview on the evening of the 19th: “Our goal in this (Hangzhou) Asian Games is to win the gold medal. Home games are always wonderful, we need to unite, we need to get the fans support and love, and of course we would also like to give some feedback.”

After experiencing the setback in the World Cup, the Chinese men’s basketball team in adversity urgently needs to cheer up. The Asian Games is their opportunity to prove themselves again. Compared with defeating opponents and winning the championship, for the Chinese men’s basketball team, it is more important to pass the Performance after performance, the team’s confidence is restored and the fans’ trust is regained.

Highlight 4: The Chinese men’s volleyball team launches an attack on the championship

At 19:30 on the 26th, the men’s volleyball final of the Hangzhou Asian Games will be held. The Chinese men’s volleyball team will compete with the Iranian team for the championship.

On the 25th, in the men’s volleyball semifinals of the Hangzhou Asian Games, the Chinese team defeated the Japanese team 3:0 to advance to the finals.

The Chinese men’s volleyball team performed poorly in the last Asian Games and only finished 9th. Compared with the previous lineup, among the 12-man roster for the Hangzhou Asian Games, only Peng Shikun and Yu Yuantai participated in consecutive competitions, while Jiang Chuan, Zhang Jingyin, and Yu Yaochen It is the first time for the main players to participate in the Asian Games. Looking forward to their wonderful performance!

Highlight 5: Judo reaches its climax in individual finals

On September 26, the judo competition will usher in the climax of the individual finals on the last day.

In the women’s -78kg category, the Chinese team sent Ma Zhenzhao, who has the ability to compete for gold. She was the judo women’s 78kg champion at the 14th National Games, and also won the third place in the judo women’s 78kg category at the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games. In the women’s +78kg category, Xu Shiyan is expected to compete for gold and silver for the Chinese team. She won the championship at the World Judo Grand Slam Astana in June and won the bronze medal at the World Judo Masters in August.

Data sources: Hangzhou Asian Games official website, Xinhuanet, China News Service, Chao News, The Paper, China Sports News, Beijing News, etc. The specific competition situation is subject to actual conditions.

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