Another coach has to go

Farewell without fanfare and trumpets: Coach Reis has to leave Schalke 04 because the situation is “humanly and substantively deadlocked”. Image: picture alliance / SvenSimon

Second division club FC Schalke 04 released its coach Thomas Reis, but only commented vaguely on the reasons. The club management comes under more pressure than the team.

The exact background to the latest twist in FC Schalke 04’s wild journey through this young football decade was still in the dark on Wednesday afternoon. In the morning, the second division club announced that it had parted ways with coach Thomas Reis and his assistant Markus Gellhaus, and the club management “had to realize that the situation was deadlocked both personally and in terms of content,” reported sports director Peter Knäbel.

When asked whether he could explain in more detail where exactly these conflicts can be located, he became monosyllabic: “No,” replied Knäbel. “What we have analyzed is exactly expressed correctly with this formulation.” He didn’t even want to explain whether it was just problems between the coach and the team or whether a conflict had also arisen between the coach and the club management.


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