American football: Achilles tendon rupture: season ended for quarterback Rodgers

American Football Achilles tendon rupture: Season ended for quarterback Rodgers

Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers was seriously injured in the opener against the Bills. photo

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The fans of the New York Jets can only watch Aaron Rodgers as quarterback for a few minutes – and the star signing is already seriously injured. The season is already over for the NFL star.

Star quarterback Aaron Rodgers was seriously injured just a few minutes after his debut as an NFL professional for the New York Jets and will be out for the rest of the season.

As feared, the 39-year-old tore his Achilles tendon in the win against the Buffalo Bills and will no longer be able to play in the season that has just started, the Jets announced on Tuesday.

Coach Robert Saleh had already feared the serious injury before the MRI scans. “We’re worried about his Achilles tendon,” he said: “It’s not good.” Saleh said he wanted to “say another prayer and maintain hope”: “My heart is now with Aaron, no one else.” Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes also wanted to pray for Rodgers. He wrote on the online platform X (formerly Twitter): “I hate this, man.”

Wilson: “The greatest of all time”

The playmaker was knocked down in accordance with the rules on the fourth play of the game against the Bills and was unable to continue playing afterwards. TV images showed him being taken for an X-ray with his left foot wrapped in a support shoe. Shortly afterwards, the Jets announced that Rodgers could not continue the game. With Zach Wilson as a substitute playmaker, the Jets still won their home game 22:16 after overtime. “Aaron is, in my opinion, the greatest of all time. I have big shoes to fill,” Wilson said.

Aaron Rodgers moved to New York just before this season after 18 years with the Green Bay Packers and signed a two-year contract with the Jets that, according to media reports, would guarantee him $75 million despite salary cuts. He still had a contract with the Packers until 2024.

Gibson made the decision

Rodgers was drafted by the Packers in 2005 and has since developed into one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. After three years as a substitute behind the legendary Brett Favre, he was a regular player from the 2008 season and has since been voted the league’s most valuable player four times. In February 2011, he led his team to victory in the Super Bowl.

The Bills had only forced extra playing time with six seconds left. Kicker Tyler Bass hit a field goal attempt from the post and made it 16:16. Xavier Gibson secured the decision and the Jets’ opening win on the anniversary of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 with a 42-yard punt return. Bills quarterback Josh Allen had a weak game and allowed four turnovers. The Jets defense intercepted three of his passes, then he dropped the football and lost possession.




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