Alexia and Paredes: “We couldn’t just be footballers”

Alexia Putellas i Irene Paredes have appeared before the media at the preview of the first duel of the Nations League against Sweden, at their request, to explain on behalf of the dressing room everything that has happened during the last month and what is the current situation in the Spanish selection.

Alexia’s first intervention

“We had demanded that they listen to us for quite some time, because we had detected that for several decades there was a systematic discrimination towards women’s football. Yesterday it was a month since we won the World Cup and a few things happened inadmissible facts. It was the last straw. We didn’t want to go down that road. Zero tolerance for Jenni, for us and for not setting precedents. Then a series of events happened. We have issued statements explaining everything that has happened and our thinking. There is a victim. He is the only person who has not caused anything that has happened. Our colleagues have been with her since the beginning. We’ve been sleeping four hours for a week because of the meetings we’re having. There is a meeting with the Federation and the CSD that we went to angry. A meeting that will mark a before and an after and I trust that the agreements will make our sport and society much better.”

The reasons for finally going to the rally

Irene Paredes: “We didn’t want to come, they forced us to come and we agreed to have some meetings. From here, also we make the decision to stay. Among the things that were agreed upon was not to be sanctioned. We don’t stay to be at ease, but because we believe it is what we have to do for the agreements to go ahead. We know things take time, but we take them at their word and they committed to it. We are aware that they are already occurring.”

The requests of the footballers

Alexia Putellas: “We do not put or remove anyone, we simply denounce and ask the Federation to zero tolerance for people who have applauded or incited abuse. From here, it’s the Federation who rules. Our job is to play and score goals. I understand that this issue It’s no longer sporty and it goes much further. What Jenni went through cannot be tolerated. It is simply what we ask. The Federation has listened to us, they are investigating and there is an open court process.”

the deal

Alexia Putellas: “If this has led to women having a guide, it will have been worth it. The meeting we had would define it as a part for Jenni’s case, where we make it clear that the protocols and the Federation failed and we get some agreements, and the other for avoid sanctions for players who did not want to go to the call. We also reach agreements for the mixed commissionfor protocols with a much more transparent Federation…”.

Irene Paredes: “It shows on our faces. We haven’t slept very much in a while. The only thing we want is play football in decent conditions and that they respect us. So far it has been impossible. That is why we are trying and asking to change things. We want to dedicate ourselves only to playing. We don’t want to be waiting to see if the system works or not. We don’t want to be without supports. Now that the CSD has entered, it has entered in a very forceful way and it is appreciated, but they are late. We hope it doesn’t happen again, but if it does, everyone is ready. We are tired and there are things that we know are already improving, however the light at the end of the tunnel is not yet visible. Now we have the speaker to do it. There are many women who are suffering from similar cases.”

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