Why Mirko Brunetti and Perla Vatiero Ended Their Relationship After Temptation Island and Mirko’s Current Feelings for Her

Mirko Brunetti explains why he and Perla Vatiero didn’t see each other again after Temptation Island and reveals what he currently feels for her (On Saturday 12 August 2023)
Arrived in the village of Temptation Island paired with his girlfriend Perla Vatierothe two young boys After a fiery bonfire of confrontation in front of a perplexed Filippo Bisciglia they decided to put an end to their relationship, which lasted 5 years, 4 of which were coexistence. Both have left Sardinia in the company of their two former tempters. But if at the moment the Vatiero he would be “only” deepening his knowledge with Igor Veetti, the entrepreneur from Rieti declared himself madly in love with Greta Rossetti. Their love story is causing quite a few controversies on the web. The social media people don’t stop pointing the finger at Mirko, “guilty” of having quickly forgotten a long life together. Not even the couple tattoo that the two … Read on isaekiah

Mirko Brunetti

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2023-08-12 08:26:45
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