Turkey Advances to Olympic Qualification Tournament Final with Victory over Sweden

Our National Men’s Basketball Team faced Sweden in the semi-finals of the Olympic Qualification Tournament in Istanbul. Our national team was victorious with a score of 105-84 and reached the final.

The opponent of the 12 Giant Men in the final will be Croatia, which beat Ukraine 85-70 in the semi-finals. The tough fight will start at 20:00 on Sunday, August 20.


Starting the game by responding to Alperen Şengün and Furkan Korkmaz’s points with outside throws, Sweden was ahead 5-6 with Denzel Andersson’s three pointer with 7:18 left. Continuing its effectiveness with Furkan Korkmaz, our National Team made the situation 11-6 with a basket from Kenan Sipahi with 5:39 remaining. Afterwards, 12 Giant Men, who scored consecutive points from Alperen Şengün, brought the situation to 16-9 with 4:26 left. With 3:24 left, Nicholas Spiers’ basket made it 18-14. This time, our National Team, which was effective with Şehmus Hazer, made the situation 24-14 with 2:35 remaining, bringing the lead to double digits. In the last episode, our National Team responded to David Hook’s points in Sweden with Furkan Korkmaz’s hit and the first period ended 26-19.

First period result: Türkiye 26-19 Sweden

With 9:02 left at the start of the second period, Ercan Osmani’s three-pointer took the lead to double digits again with 31-21. Afterwards, the gap varied between 8-10 points for a long time, and with 3:55 remaining, Elijah Clarance’s basket made Sweden 40-35, reducing the gap to 5 points. Reintroducing Furkan Korkmaz and finding consecutive outside shots from the star player, our National Team managed to re-open the gap with 46-35 with 2:59 remaining. Maintaining a double-digit difference in the remaining section, our Nationals brought the situation to 50-38 with Alperen Şengün’s points with 1:54 remaining. With Alperen Şengün’s point in the circuit, our National Team was ahead 56-42.

Halftime result: Türkiye 56-42 Sweden

Third period result: Türkiye 80-57 Sweden

Match result: Türkiye 105-84 Sweden

2023-08-18 17:04:30
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