Top and Flops of the Venice Match: Orange-Greens Battle but Fall in Penalty Shootout

The column dedicated to the Top&Flops of the Venice matches: the Orange-Greens take back the Ligurians twice but surrender at the last penalty

In the match against Spezia in the 32nd finals of the Italian Cup, despite the disadvantages of the forecast, Venice surrendered only to the penalty shootout lottery. The 120′ regular minutes had instead concluded on the result of 2-2. Francesco Zampano’s mistake from the penalty spot is decisive for the orange-and-green players. Also worth noting are the wrong penalties from Joel Pohjanpalo and Francesco Pio Esposito. Over the 90 minutes, the two teams played face-to-face, allowing the public to watch a fun and emotional match. Vanoli’s men go down twice but deserve to win back their opponents. Mirko Antonucci and Luca Moro are answered by the two Vikings Joel Pohjanpalo and Christian Gytkjaer.

In extra time, fatigue weighs more among the ranks of the orange-and-greens, characterized by a squad that is evidently shorter than the one from La Spezia who was relegated this season from the top flight. Alvini’s team tries more forcing but the only real opportunity is neutralized by a monumental Jesse Joronen. Venezia nearly scored in the 120th minute with Gytkjaer who kicked out of the small area from the development of a corner kick. For Venice, the Coppa Italia match represents a good test to highlight the internal hierarchies, strengths and weaknesses of a team that will present itself next week at the Penzo against Como accompanied by great seasonal ambitions.



Probably the best of movement men. Tessmann picks up again where he left off, with perhaps even more certainty than his means. He almost single-handedly holds up a midfield that is less brilliant and in better shape than other times, carrying the ball with personality and on occasion attempting a shot or a through ball for his teammates. Despite his large size, the American already appears to be in excellent condition and in fact Vanoli keeps him on the pitch for almost the entire 120 minutes of the game. With a Tessmann like this, the wait for Jajalo’s return appears less oppressive.


In the first minutes of the race it appears slightly less bright and cold than usual. He has a decent opportunity immediately at the start on Johnsen’s serve but shoots wide. He misses a few too many touches, as well as some of his teammates, but gradually enters the game with his typical game of generosity. Even in matches where he has fewer opportunities to show off, he still allows the team to run dangerously. In the end it was always he who pulled the chestnuts out of Venice’s fire by turning his right foot into the net following Pierini’s assist in the 54th minute. In the 81st minute he leaves Gytkaer the burden and the honor of beating the penalty to make it 2-2, while kicking his penalty at the goalkeeper at the end of regulation time.


Venice’s man of the match. In reality, for over 45′ the Finnish goalkeeper had been almost inactive. In fact, he could do nothing on La Spezia’s 1-0 goal, he came close to Moro’s 2-1 penalty. At the beginning of the second half he denied Antonucci two goals with a plastic save then, after the 1-1 draw against Venice, he fought alone during the 9′ minutes of orange and green blackout where, in addition to taking the lead, Spezia nearly scored in at least four occasions.

Two of these are two superlative interventions by Joronen. The third is a shot at the edge of the post, while the fourth is the penalty saved by Salvatore Esposito. In the 118th minute he repeats himself once again by denying Spezia the victory in the photo finish. Once again he saves a penalty from Esposito, kicked in reality very badly, during the final match against penalties which ended with the elimination of Mr. Vanoli’s men. But if the orange-greens came to play after 120 minutes, the credit goes above all to what is perhaps the best goalkeeper in the current Serie B.



The first official match of the new Dutch defender can be considered at least reviewable. The ex Go Ahead Eagles player appears perhaps the most disoriented of mister Vanoli’s team during the first half of the match. Although the action that gave rise to the first goal of La Spezia’s advantage was born from an imprudent dialogue by Candela for Andersen, Idzes did not make any obstacle to the conclusion of Antonucci who was too free in marking and in the conclusion that gave Spezia the lead on the first pitch in the 19th minute of the game. Shortly after the half hour, it was the post that saved the Dutchman again following a conclusion from Antonucci. In the second half his individual match improves but in his part Venice appears unjustifiably more in trouble than it should.


Preferred from the 1st minute to captain Modolo, the former Groningen player played a sufficient first half even if not particularly reassuring on a technical level. In the second he gets into tremendous difficulty as the number of opposing offensive sorties increases. The penalty obtained in the 62nd minute on Reca is naïve that is difficult to replicate at these levels. After so many injuries and so much on the bench, the pace of the race understandably suffers from a distance. To be evaluated if Venice can wait for Sverko to find the right harmony and the best condition with him on the pitch.


The ballot with Gianluca Busio wins, reassembling the midfield trio that had done so well in the last months of last season. However, Andersen who took the field against Spezia remembered more that of the Javorcic era and the first periods with Vanoli. The player seemed to be in great difficulty from the first minutes, struggling even just to keep the ball. In the action of the 1-0 of Spezia he is devoured by the pressing of Reca who in the first half in particular is the ruler of the Venetian right front. On the penalty that causes the second advantage signed by Moro, it is his obvious and coarse touch of the hand in the area on a now deballed cross from Spezia. In the time interval between one mistake and another, a performance that was extremely detached from the orange-and-green game.

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