This is the video that shows the device with drums and gasoline to boycott La Vuelta in Lleida

Hidden under some branches and placed in a steep area above a tunnel through which the C-55 road passes, through which the squad of the Cycling Tour of Spain would have to pass in the region of El Solsonés, in Lleida. This was the case with the two 200-liter drums that the Police found and that they related to four militants from the Committees in Defense of the Republic: their objective was to collapse the competition by pouring burned motor oil on the road.

The device consisted of two drums, as well as an activation device with a solenoid valve and a timer. The mechanism was hidden among the vegetation, including the hose that was going to pour the liquid and that extended to the aforementioned road, making it difficult to detect.

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The arrests took place last Saturday and those arrested, old acquaintances of the agents for their membership in the CDR, were made available to the duty court on Monday. They were released accused of criminal group crimes, public disorder, against security and against the environment. Likewise, they were prohibited from approaching less than 500 meters from the competition.

drums connected

The CDR, like the pro-independence organizations ANC and Omnium Cultural, had already been warming up the first stage of the Vuelta, which left Barcelona on Saturday, for days. They called on citizens to express their rejection of the competition in the streets, relating it to a supposed “repression” and “colonialist” attitude of the rest of Spain towards Catalonia.

After the arrests, moreover, the main swords of Junts and ERC came out in networks to demand their release, also speaking in terms of repression of the right to protest. For Oriol Junqueras, in fact, the police action went “against fundamental freedoms and human rights.”

As can be seen in the video, the agents of the General Information Police Station and the Provincial Information Brigade of the National Police found the jerry cans arranged and connected by means of a PVC tube that would have allowed their contents to flow right onto the road, with the aim of consequent risk to the physical integrity of those who transit it.

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